The Power of Respect

How Luca and I gained respect for each other


”Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it”

- RG Risch



        We all need someone to respect, and to respect us in our lives. My friend Luca and I have respected each other for a very long time. Luca and I hadn’t hung out much before 8th grade started, but once it had started, we became good friends and gained a lot of respect for each other, and that respect has helped us be happy people. 

        Luca and I have gained a lot of respect for each other this year. When we see each other at school we respect each other each day by asking how each other’s day is going. It started out as a joke but we now have a lot of respect for each other and we legitimately want to know how each other’s day is going so we can be happier. Before 8th grade started I knew Luca was a nice person to be around and I already had some respect for him. Once 8th grade had come around I used that respect and asked him how his day was going. It might have sounded awkward reading it but in person it was a totally normal thing. He was pretty surprised at me asking how his day was going because it doesn’t normally happen. Once he noticed he replied simply with, “I’m good today, how about you?” And I was surprised by this. I didn’t think he would ask me how my day was going, I thought he would just say “good” and continue with his life. We talked throughout the day as normal friends would do and joked about saying it every single day, but I turned that joke into reality. 

       Every day since than, I’ve asked him how his day has been going, and we’ve gained a lot of respect for each other from it. And it has also made me a happier person in general. Respecting each other is something very important in life. Luca and I respecting each other started from a very small thing. It didn’t matter we weren’t friends before 8th grade, it didn’t matter we don’t have any classes together, and it didn’t matter that it was a very small thing I did. It only mattered that the outcome of the very small thing created a lot of respect between Luca and I. 

      This year I learned how important respect is. I’m also realizing why it’s one of Fenns core values. Respect isn’t just being nice to each other, it’s a lot more than that.



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Rory Kennealy

I like how you dug deep into one specific relationship between you and a friend. You also stayed on your theme throughout the essay which is hard to do with when you dive deep into one thing. Great writing.

Jamie Book

I know how good it feels when someone asks me how my day is going, and an important part of respect is being nice. You showed me how you and Luca became friends, and I know that friendships like this are powerful. I could relate to this piece and understand it.

Colin Soukup

It doesn’t matter that you weren’t friends with him earlier, you put yourself out, you respected him, and you ended up making a friend. It really proves that if you treat someone with respect they will too.

Oliver Ali

This interaction that you had with Luca is the embodiment of respect. You do not have to go out of your way to make someone’s day. All it takes is an, “I’m good, how are you”, to show signs of respect. This was a great example that you chose, and you backed it up nicely in your head and heart. Great quote, by the way.

Will S.

The way you illustrated respect at the end as: “[not] just being nice to each other, it’s a lot more than that” perfectly depicts what respect really is. I enjoyed this lighthearted story, especially after reading some heavier ones. How you depict Luca and your friendship growing is very interesting to see, especially since I know the two of you. Keep up this good work!

Eli Zahavi

This is a wonderful piece. I can relate a lot to this. From the joke turning to reality, to how one question can make your day. Great parallel structure in the body paragraph. It adds a lot of power to your words. These small relationships often mean a lot to the people involved. I like how you explored you relationship from the beginning. Good writing.

Ethan Rich

I like how you went very deep into your friendship with Luca. The friendship you described, is the physical description of respect. You portrayed how a little bit of respect goes a long way and can spark friendships. Great piece Sean!

Nick Brady

As Fitz so prominently keeps fresh in our mind, the main theme is everything in a paragraph; all the parts serve one master, and that is the theme. And with your writing, it is abundantly clear what your theme is, and it is present throughout your entire piece. I could have started to read your writing from any paragraph, and I still would have been able to grasp the them without a problem, something that is unique to your writing.


Your piece had the whole Shebang. You incorporated parallel structure, muscular verbs and a great example. Your relationship with Luca really tied the piece together. Your paragraph was a easy read, and everything was nice and clear. Good Job!

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