Out of This Hell song

The Power of Music

How music can change the mood anywhere


“Music is the strongest form of magic” - Marilyn      


         Music has many roles in our lives. Music made my vacation feel good. For some, music helps them get through a tough time, for others they listen so that there is no silence, for me, music sets the tone of what I am doing. For example, over summer vacation I went up to my grandmothers cottage in New Hampshire. I still felt like school was around the corner because I wasn’t fully used to the fact that I had a couple more months of vacation to go through. So one night we were driving along the shore of Hampton beach at night after coming back from a restaurant. I was pretty bored because there was nothing to do. My sister suggested that she played music from her phone into the cars speakers. We all just agreed since there wasn’t much to do and we weren’t having any conversations. It turns out she has a really good taste in music. We played a variety of songs and that is when I realized that I was on vacation. All of my other thoughts were gone and I was just living in the moment. What added to the whole scene was looking out the window and seeing the roaring ocean next to us as we drove past some pretty neat mansions. The combination of the music we were listening to and the scenery was on a whole other level of relaxation. Every day I wish I could go back to that awesome moment on that night in New Hampshire. Music is what set the tone for me, music is what made me feel that sense of realizing I was on vacation, and music is what made a boring car ride into a moment I will never forget. So if music ever felt like it was there for you to listen to and that it wasn’t important. Just remember, music can create valuable moments that you will cherish for all of your life, and you won’t regret them.


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Rory Kennealy

this very relatable as I wrote about music breaking the silence. This is really great writing Sean!

Yoni Ghansah

Music has really helped me live in the moment as you have described so vividly in your piece. From the end summer vacation to a big test, music can simply take our minds off the future and focus on the present. Being able to appreciate these moments regardless of how we get to that point is what truly matters, and the connections you made throughout your piece really gets you thinking about it. Good Job!

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