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WW Fenn speech

Making It Work




EJ and Pipo squat in the driveway
and poke their heads through
the wheel-well  and pass
a half inch socket and WD 40
to my bloodied hand.

I shout out to them:
"The transmission cooler line
is completely shot,
and the thread
on the flare nut
is stripped bare--
it turns, but won't catch,
into the radiator.
In short: we're screwed."

I can hear them giggling
and splashing in the oily cold
puddle I am soaked in.

While Pipo runs to get
the extra red hose we used
to fix the heater on the bus,
I send EJ to get the cement
we used to fix the gasket
on the wood stove.

In my sarcophagus
under the old Buick wagon,
I fumble through my pockets
and find some hose clamps
that just might work.

EJ slathers the flare nut
in an icing of black glue.
And so Pipo can use
his beloved tape measure,
he cuts me a piece of red hose
18 ½ inches long—exactly.

There is no turning back now:
I cut out the old line
and jam the flare nut
into the fitting
until it sets.

For a few minutes, everything
is dead serious.
Pipo lays on his belly
and fits the 18 ½ inch hose
to the cleanly cut ends
of the cooler lines.
EJ takes his flathead
and tightens the hose clamps,
while I keep
the damn flare nut
from moving.

And in the stale air,
beneath a 1988 LeSabre Wagon--
soaked in mud, love, oil and anti-freeze--
I am the luckiest man alive.


I chose this poem because it such a small moment. Small moments are what make your life so good and this moment tells a short little story taking place in a driveway. I can imagine this scenario only lasting for 5 whole minutes but those 5 minutes were special. These small moments are important to me, and to everyone, even if you don’t realize it.


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