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Exclusion, and Finding a way around things

How I found a way around a tough situation


“The way I see it, if you want to see the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain”

-Dolly Parton


      We all get excluded sometimes. I was excluded from a basketball game because, “I wasn’t as good as them.” Sometime during middle school my friends were playing basketball and I asked if I could join and because they felt I wasn’t that good they wouldn’t let me join. I knew I had to find a way around this.

      In middle school, I walked up to my friends who were playing basketball in the gym at recess and asked if I could play with them because I had nothing to do. It was a regular old school day. Went to advisor, had first period, and went to all school meeting. Once all school meeting was done it was time for recess. I decided that because it was basketball season I might as well head to the gym to practice. I strolled over to the doors of the gym and when a opened them I saw three of my friends putting together a 2v2 game of basketball. I thought to myself that playing with them would be an even better way to practice and get better. I walked over to them and asked if I could join. What he said was something along the lines of, “your not really that good at basketball we need to find someone better than you before you can join us.” Obviously that hurt a little because you don’t want to hear someone not letting you join just because you are worse. I decided to leave them alone and eventually they did find someone to join them. To work around this I gathered some of my other friends who weren’t doing anything and we played basketball together. I feel that I actually had more fun playing with them than I would with the other kids, because they didn’t put me down if they thought I wasn’t as good as them. That was a good way to work around the block my other friends out in front of me.

      Nobody likes getting excluded. I got excluded from my friends when they were playing basketball. It didn’t matter that they excluded me, it didn’t matter that what they said hurt me, and it didn’t matter that it was just middle school. It only mattered that I had friends who accepted me for who I am, and that I found a way around the problem.

      Getting excluded shouldn’t stop you, just like it didn’t stop me. There will always be a way around bad things that will make them good.





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Rory Kennealy

Great writing! It takes a lot of courage to write about something like this.

Nick Brady

Just like Rory, it was awesome to see that instead of floundering in your disappointment you turned your experiment into action. These episodes can be hard to deal with, but with your mindset your experiences and those of others can only get better.

Max LG

This experience was one that most can relate to. While the “better” kids would have been more work to play with, you can always just have more fun with your true friends that will always stick with you.

Oliver Ali

This is a great piece of writing, Sean. I love the way that you ended your one two punch. This foreshadowing effectively engaged me, and compelled me to continue reading. Your “it didn’t matter” repetition was powerful and impactful, as always. Great work.

Will S.

I love your repetition with the “it didn’t matter” ‘s as it really emphasized your point. This experience is (unfortunately) quite relatable and that made your piece much more enjoyable to read.

Colin Soukup

I think that you spent a lot of time on this and the result was good. I really like how you described how it felt to be excluded.

Eli Zahavi

Good introduction! I liked the overall flow of the piece. Many descriptive words which help progress the story. Great job!

William O'Malley

I am typically on the other end of these situations, and I often witnessed people like you and Rory get turned down, which I almost felt like I couldn’t do much about. You had a great use of the classic Sean parallel structure at the end.

Yoni Ghansah

I agree, nobody wants to be excluded, but unfortunately that’s how to world operates. I like how you used the classic “It didn’t matter,” parallel structure, and I have to say this was some pretty good writing. Good Work!

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