Having to Say Goodbye

Riding with Fitz for four years


“I’m no good at goodbyes” - Post Malone



      Every Tuesday at 7AM for the past 4 years my mother has done the same thing. Driving me in a 2012 edition silver Toyota Highlander to Fitz’ house across town. Each time I walk through the same old, red wood door with paint chipped off of it after being worn over time. I sit down on the long, brown leather couch and wait for Fitz to come out of his room and make a cup of coffee so we can leave. Over the past four years I have gone through the same experience with a different group of kids each year. As time went one the amount of people kept on decreasing more and more each year. This year I am the last person left that goes on a ride with Fitz each Tuesday morning to Fenn. Next year Fitz will be by himself every morning on his way to Fenn. Driving with Fitz really starts to put into perspective; everything at some point will eventually come to an end, no matter how much you enjoy it. You just have to move on.

      It’s sad to think about things coming to end, but eventually everything will have to, and you just have to accept it. I have done the same thing for the past four years and now the time has come, I must move on. The people that used to join me in going to Fitz’ house have also had to move on just like I have to do now. Over the past four years they all left one by one eventually leading to me. Going to Fitz’ house every Tuesday is fun for me. Having his dog Milo greet me each time with more love than most dogs have shown towards me is only one of the great things I have experienced throughout this. Saying goodbye to this little piece of my life is a hard thing to do. There are probably little things in everybody’s life that they don’t realize it would be hard to say goodbye to. But like I said the beginning, everything comes to an end, and you just have to move on.

So whenever you have to say goodbye, you just have to accept it and move on.





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Yoni Ghansah

One thing that’s going to be the most nostalgic about leaving Fenn is the activities we are accustomed to. It’s going to be new leaving Fenn, but we only think about the bonds we had till they were really gone. Good Post.

Rory Kennealy

I totally agree it is always hard to say goodbye. I really like your quote it really represents the post well.

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