Old Gym Soccer

Sometimes you just have to play for fun


“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game” - Michael Jordan



Sometimes you just got to play for fun. Every recess I go to the old gym with my friends to play soccer for fun. Every day this past past year at recess I have gathered some of my friends and we go to the old gym to have a fun game of soccer that isn’t competitive. 

       Every day Monday through Friday at recess, some of my friends and I go to the old gym and play a fun game of soccer. The kids who usually come with me are Sean Trudeau, Luca Raffa, and Harry Nerrow. Once we are all gathered in the Old Gym we create teams. Most of the time it is Sean and I against Harry and Luca. We grab the foam ball that we always use as our soccer ball and start the game. The ball will bounce a couple of times and someone gets possession of the ball. If Sean and I don’t have the ball most of the time Sean shouts at me to go hard on the tackle in which I sprint at whoever has the ball and attempt to get it away from them. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time I manage to get the ball from whoever has it. Now Sean and I have the ball. Whoever doesn’t have the ball is trying their hardest to get open so they get passed to and has an opportunity to score. Usually this doesn’t happen because we try to see if we can dribble past each other and meg one other so we can all go crazy when it happens. So let’s say I have the ball. I will dribble it up and Sean will make a cut, I choose not to pass to him and I will dribble it up the court, shoot the ball as fast as I can at the net, score, and celebrate. This will go on for the rest of recess until we are forced to go to our next class. It doesn’t matter who wins in the end, because we all leave the place exhausted and ready to continue on with our day.

       The point of what we do every day is not to see who is better, but it is to have a good time with each other for the small amount of time we all have at this school together. We can play as hard as we want, do as many crazy things as we can, try and see how many megs we can each get, see who can score the craziest goal, and nobody will care about it too much because we all know that we are just doing it for fun. I doesn’t matter who wins in the end, it doesn’t matter who may seem like the best at soccer in the gym, and it doesn’t matter how short of a time we have in the old gym. It only matters that we are having fun, and making the most of our last year at Fenn.

Not everything is about competition, sometimes the better thing to do is just play for fun.




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