The Last Game

It is determination and not giving up that leads to success

“It is the size of ones will which determines success”

Unknown Author



The Last Game shows many different professional soccer players on a journey to defeat the robotic soccer players that are trying to take over professional soccer. The soccer players challenge the robots to a match of soccer. If they win, soccer is played by humans. If they lose, robots are the new replacement for soccer players. That’s why this video is called the last game.


       This video shows the determination of the professional soccer players. Even after being replaced by the robots, they were determined to take their game back. They did not give up. They trained and trained until the last game arrived. It didn’t matter that the robots took them over before, it didn’t matter that they had some doubt in the beginning, and it didn’t matter that the future of professional soccer was in their hands. It only mattered that in the end, they did not give up and they were able to take they game they loved back.

       If there is one thing to take away from this video, it would be that determination and not giving up are the two main keys to success.



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