The Place I Go


Reflecting on the day makes you realize things you never did before


“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Today was a pretty normal day. It was a Tuesday so my mom woke me up at the normal time of 6:20. I walked down the stairs, greeted my dog Chloe and quickly went to the freezer to grab myself some frozen pancakes. Once I had taken them out of the fridge I put them on a plate, put it in the microwave and heated them up. 

       I’m not sure if other people do this, but what I do while my pancakes heat up is try to see if I can grab all the stuff I need for my pancakes before the timer goes off. Anyway, I ate my pancakes and my mom took me to Fitz’ house because it was a Tuesday and that’s how I get to school. Once I was greeted by Fitz’ dog Milo, we headed out and we got to school in his white van called the Loser Cruiser. I brought my longboard so I get my grip tape laser printed. 

       We got to school and I spent my morning trying to figure out how to make my complicated grip-tape design work. After 40 minutes of failed attempts I went to advisory. It was the same old chitchat who’s here what’s that like it is every morning. 

       Once advisory had ended I went to my first class which was English and so that meant that I just had to stay in the same room I was already in. Most of English class was Fitz telling us what was wrong with each of our blogs and for the rest of class we got to work on our assignment sheets. When English had ended I went to Algebra 1, (or Math for short) for my next class. We started a new unit and we learned about simplifying rational expressions. I sat in the way back at the big table as I always do and spent most of the class drawing while managing to pay attention at the same time. 

       Once that class had ended I went to the old gym for recess which is where I always go because I want to improve my soccer skill so I am prepared for high-school and other soccer seasons. After a fun game of old gym soccer I headed to student life.  Most of that class was us going over how to feel about our secondary schools and how getting rejected shouldn’t be such a big deal. The class has not actually been bad at all and sometimes is the highlight of my day because I just get to sit, relax, and release all of my stress.

       Once student life had ended I went to Justice, my least favorite class. My teacher is amazing and I don’t mind him at all, I just don’t like studying history. So I just waited that class through. As time went on I started getting hungrier and hungrier. When class had ended I got to the pizza sales as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to wait in a long line. Well that want worth it because I had to wait in one of the longest lines all year. 

       But I eventually got my pizza and went on with my day. I was pretty bored so I went to the MMR to see if Oliver Wachs was there. He wasn’t, but his dad was. I told him how I had to wait at school until 5 because nobody could pick me up on time and he offered me to come to his house. I am extremely grateful he offered this because now I have had a much better day than if he didn’t offer. 

       His babysitter took me, Oliver, and Josh Brennan, (who apparently was coming as well) to his house and that is where I stayed until 5. We did all different things. From riding skateboards, to doing homework, and playing soccer. 

       At around 3:45 we took Josh back to his house and played Gaga ball on the trampoline while we waited for his parents to get home. When Oliver and I got back to his house we didn’t have much time until my mom got there to pick me up. She brought me home and immediately had to leave again to go to a meeting. 

       My dad made dinner and headed out to go do a radio show that he volunteered to do and it just so happened to be exactly when my sisters shift usually is. Because my dad did the radio my sister had to leave at the same time to go to her other job at the movie theater. And now there is just me, alone in my house, sitting while listening to rain droplets splash around me, listening to music, and working on Fitz’ assignment sheet.


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