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A reflection on this past year in English

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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."

Michael Altshuler



        This year in English has been a wild ride. Not only in terms of learning but the class in general as well, and I do have to say, this has been one of the most challenging classes I’ve had and I am glad for that. We started the year with journal entries and learning how to use/post to the blog. The second week of school I remember the Tuesday where Fitz was driving me to school and told me that we were gonna start doing weekly assignment sheets. I personally felt that this system would be better than daily assignments the second that he told me. Little did I know how big of an impact these assignment sheets would make on my life.

       As the year continued we gathered more assignments. Some were reading some were writing. We read the Call of the Wild, and “The Sniper,” but it all started with our first reading assignment, “The Most Dangerous Game.” I surprisingly remembered that on my own without having to go back to through the fall weekly assignment sheet. Life continued and we worked on new things, we got introduced to microworx, we did poems, read more short stories, learned all the comma rules and rhetorical techniques, wrote some more blog posts such as: The Power of Family, The Power of Place, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Empathy, and The Power of Music, yeah that’s a lot of power. Doing all of these exercises expanded my writing capability greatly and made me such a better writer than I used to be.

       Then came the midterm exam. That felt like more of a monthly assignment sheet than a regular assignment. But because it was the midterm exam I knew that I had to try harder than I had tried on any assignment in the fall and early winter. So I gave it my best, putting in as much effort and detail as I could into each assignment. And in the end it worked. I got a great grade and I continued on with my year regularly. By now I was so confident in my writing capability that I felt I could easily walk into a high school English classroom and ace the class.

       Late winter had arrived after Christmas break and it was time for us to get started on working again. We started out slowly from where we left off and as time went on we gathered more and more work then we had gotten in the fall. I was quick to realize that this was because high school was right around the corner and it was time for us to start preparing for it. As the work kept piling up it almost started to become something fun and something that I enjoyed doing. This caused me to get my work done even faster, (except for the commenting because nobody likes to do that).

       And now here I am, writing my last assignment ever for my fenn career, not just for English, but for everything. Once I finish these last words I will have nothing school work related to do for this place that I have been attending for the past 5 years of my life; however, I am glad I am finishing it with an English assignment, because this class has probably been the only one that will truly prepare me for what is to come next year, and finishing this year with the best class just feels right. Goodbye Fenn, goodbye Fitz, and thank you for what you have given me.


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