The Flat

A Nice Sunday


A look into a day of mine


“Today was a good day” 

- Me



I have no idea what to write about so I’m just going to talk about today and why today was so great. This morning I woke up probably the latest I’ve ever woken up at around 9:20AM. This may seem pretty early to most of you but my sleep schedule usually makes me wake up at around 7:00-7:30. After laying in bed for a solid 30 minutes I woke up and headed downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast I finished off a box of Special K cereal and because I eat a lot for breakfast I had around five bowls of it. 

        I went to my couch at around 10:45 and just sat there watching lots of mountain biking videos learning new things so I can see how I can improve my bike and my biking skills. At 11:30 my mom invited me to go for a walk with her. Because I knew the rain was coming later in the day I decided to take my bike and go with her. We went down the bike path and went into the state police forensic centers parking lot. After we got into the parking lot she took me on a small off-road hill trail that was a perfect small mountain bike trail that you could safely go as fast as you wanted on. After my quick journey down the hill my friend called and asked me if I wanted to go practice clearing all the jumps at our local bike park that nobody knows about. Me, knowing that the rain was to come soon, couldn’t turn down the offer. 

        We met up at the giant parking lot near the mill & main, (it’s a large group of buildings that lots of businesses are inside.) and we headed over. We talked about what was happening in our lives and a bunch of other stuff that was irrelevant to what we were doing and we started hitting the jumps. You may have seen them in my YouTube videos and I never have been able to fully clear them. After a full hour of him coaching me and telling me things I could do to improve I can safely say that I can clear the jumps with my front wheel. In short time I will also be able to clear them with my back wheel as well. 

       At 1:45 I made my way home and spent a couple minutes relaxing. I headed up to my bedroom, turned on my blue lights and started my homework. I got most of it done and now all I have is what I’m writing right now. After getting those assignments done I went on Instagram and went through a bunch of mountain biking accounts. I went on TikTok and found a video that had a really good song so I turned on that song, went through Instagram, with sounds of rain outside, and just enjoyed my life. Nothing was there to bother me, it was just me in my room, absolutely  V  I  B  I  N  G. I probably won’t be able to get those minutes back but they were amazing. It was one of those moments when you know that later in your life your going to want to re-live that feeling. I feel like I almost fell asleep in that moment.

       At 5:20 I went down to eat dinner. I was really tired and I enjoyed my large bowl of rigatoni pasta with a meatball. It was a REALLY good meatball so shoutout to my mom for making it. We had to take my dog for a walk after and because my dads back had been hurting him all day and my mom had other stuff, me and my sister had to go and do it. We walked in the rain and laughed as we talked about how awkward it’s going to be when I go to high school with her next year. We came back soaked from all the rain that was dumped on us outside. I headed upstairs to my bedroom once again and now, here I am, at 7:38PM, wrapping up my last assignment for this week.

       You probably didn’t read this entire thing. But you’ll act like you are in your comment. So if you did read the entire thing, say how much I liked my moms meatball that she made. :)



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This is exactly what a journal can and should be: an exploration of a day in your life. Awesome work and great visual rhetoric.

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