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The Flat



Taking the time to notice things I couldn’t before


“I like noticing details that nobody else sees.”

- Anonymous 




I stepped out onto the old, worn down cement steps in the front of my house, ready for the walk that I was about to journey on.

     This walk takes place not too far away from my house. You may have read about it before in one of my earlier posts. I went to the hill a couple of streets down that I call, “The Rock.” This place is a hill where I usually ride my bike down. Because I ride my bike down this hill, I go too fast to pay attention to all the little things on the hill. On this walk I was able to notice things that I didn’t notice before because I had the time to pay attention to what was around me.

       I headed down the road and took a left onto mockingbird street. I was focused on getting to my destination when the first new thing popped up. On the right I noticed a little garden beneath a mailbox that I pass a lot. This is one of the many things that I discovered while going for this walk. A couple minutes later I came to the entrance of the hill. To get to the hill itself you have to walk over a small stream on a long wooden plank. I stopped on the plank and turned my head towards the water. The more I focused the more I noticed. I saw how the stream melt on going through the woods and the stream came from a place that I had seen before but I never knew it was the same stream. I looked in the water some more and noticed a bunch of little tiny creatures swimming around in the water and crawling around on land. After I had enough time looking in the stream I headed up to the top. I got to the top of the hill. I went to the top of the giant rock that sits in the ground and I was once again greeted by the amazing views of trees surrounding me and an open area directly above me where I could look at the sky forever. I looked around at the scenery around me and noticed new paths that I could ride on my bike. I noticed how I could still see the streets at the bottom of the hill even through the trees. I noticed a little birds nest in the top of a tree. I noticed a small lip that I could use as a jump on my bike. I noticed a lot. I headed back to my house and reflected on the things that I had seen. Now when I go back to the spot I will be able to see those things once again and try out the new paths and the jump for my bike.

       Next time you go somewhere that you go to pretty often, take it slowly and notice things that you hadn’t before, just like I did.



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There is an old Chinese saying: you can't ride a horse and smell the flowers. This reminds me of your walk and taking the time to see the little things, the important things.

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