Thank You Fitz



A Saturday Biking Marathon



“Money can’t buy happiness.

but it can buy a mountain bike.

and that’s pretty damn close.”



       Over my quarantine I have been exploring the different ways to entertain myself while I have been in quarantine. Some of the many different things I’ve tried is finishing my latch hook kit from the summer, painting a paint by number set that has little areas smaller than an atom, and practicing soccer; however, only one of many things I’ve tried has stuck out to me, and that is biking.

        I’ve been biking for a long time and I can’t remember the last time I had a bad biking experience. A couple of my friends and I have been biking a lot throughout our quarantine and of course we made sure that we followed the 6ft rule. On this past Saturday we unexpectedly took the longest bike ride I’ve ever taken. We rode a marathon on our bikes.

        Now I’m sure some of you other people who have biked in their lives have gone close to a marathon but this was my first time. Surprisingly, it was easier than I expected. See, the entire trip took us a little under 3 hours, but if we hadn’t taken any breaks we could’ve cut off a lot of time. We went through 4 or 5 different towns and the point where we turned around was in Littleton. The entire way back was a big struggle, especially in my head because at that time my mom and sister were on there way to the emergency vet to see if my dog was still alive after eating something poisonous. I used that as my motivation. If I wouldn’t make it up the many different steep hills than I would’ve let my dog down. Every time I made it to the top of a hill I would tell myself it was for my dog. After another 11 mile bike ride home, I made it back to my house and found out my dog would be ok. So now I’m wondering if me not giving up on those hills had anything to do with her being ok at all.

        I’ve sort of trailed off a little so let me get back to the point. Biking is my new favorite thing to do in quarantine and if it weren’t for my friends and my dog I wouldn’t have rode a marathon on my bike. Ever since that day we’ve been biking together but especially on mountains. Not to self promo but I have a YouTube channel the video at the top is the beginning footage of the marathon we were about to ride so if you are interested in seeing some of my journeys feel free to check out my channel. Biking is something I will continue doing for the rest of my life and I will continue to challenge myself and face new obstacles.

       I’m sure if you have a passion as well, you will also continue to do it for the rest of your life. And if you feel like you won’t succeed, put your heart into it and never give up. That is something I know will always work out in the end.



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I thought you said you couldn't find anything to write about :-) this is awesome! It is a full-blown essay in every sense of the word, and it is a pleasure to read… And to see!

Max LG

Using motivation to overcome struggles is a great way to get through life, great post!

Rory Kennealy

I like how you went deep into the story. I too have biked a marathon and I know how hard it is. I like how you fought through the hills and how you did it for your dog. I hope your dog is okay and I will definitely try to watch that video

Eli Z

I might just go bike after reading this. I think it is awesome that you pushed yourself to do a whole marathon. It really sounded difficult. I will go follow my passion now Sean. Good essay.

Jamie Book

I loved how you tied in that your dog was motivation, and I’m happy that your dog is ok! Maybe, just maybe, your biking trip helped your dog. Also, I might just have to check out your YouTube channel now! Thats amazing - 26 miles on your bike! Great job!


Great use of motivation! This is a very interesting story- and I could very much visualize your emotional state of mind while biking. Great job!

Nick Brady

It was awesome to see that you are not only doing something interesting during this time, but you also added a video instead of a picture; a subtle difference, but adding a whole new level of depth to this entry if the reader chooses to persue it.

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