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Thank You Fitz


A thank you message to Fitz


“Thank you for your part in my journey” 

- Anonymous 



        All of my life I never found a purpose, a reason to write. But now, ever since 8th grade started, I’ve found what’s been right in front of me this entire time.

       Before we all came to Fenn, having to write a couple sentences was a challenge, nobody wanted to do it. When we all arrived to Fenn we practiced writing some more and started to realize that writing would have some importance in our lives. In 6th and 7th grade we thought that having a week to write 400 words was crazy and that teachers were over working us. Boy were we wrong.

       From day one of the school year Fitz has been bombarding us with writing exercises to help us improve our writing skill. Although none of us saw it coming, I’m sure it will help us in the long run. Fitz piled on more work this year than all of our other English classes throughout our Fenn career combined. It’s crazy to think that we are now writing a minimum of 500 words in the span of 30 minutes compared to last years week to write 400.

       Aside from all the complaints everybody may have about the amount of work fitz has given us, I just want to say thank you. Not really a thank you from now, but a thank you from the future me. I know for a fact that if I use all of the things Fitz has taught us, high school will be a lot easier. Fitz is giving us all of this work for a reason, and seeing that almost all of his kids are done with high school he knows what the amount of work we are going to have is, so by giving us all of this work he is just preparing us for what we are going to have to face in the next four years. I know it may not seem like way too much now, but in a few years we are all going to be so thankful for what Fitz has done that we are going to be wishing we still had him as our English teacher. 

       Think of all the little things Fitz has done. He’s put up with our crazy behavior while we sit at a giant, circular wooden table. He’s let us spread out among the room and sit in comfy chairs in a little recording studio to let us work when a lot of us probably just talked. And he’s taken his time out of class to help us and made sure that we understood what we didn’t understand before. The least thing we could do back is say thank you. Thank you for all the things he’s done for us, thank you for all things he’s put up with,  thank you for cramming countless of hours of work into our heads, and thank you for making the life we have ahead a heck of a lot easier.

Thank you, Fitz.



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I very much agree with the overall message of this. Its crazy to see how far we've all come in our writing. Writing a "power of [blank]" Used to be a humungous task, but now it seems quite easy. I love the tone throughout this piece, keep up the good work!

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