A Nice Sunday

The Flat


Sometimes you have to miss out


“For everything you have missed you have gained something else”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


      This past week I was out biking once again and I got a flat tire,  it sucks. So I walked down the trail all the way to the mill & main for my mom to pick me up. We struggled to get it in the car but eventually it fit. I got home and immediately got to work on fixing the wheel. Because one of my friends knew about my flat tire, he told his dad, who is really good with bikes, to see if he could help. His dad came over not to long after and started to get to work.

       He brought over all of the tools he needed and started doing stuff that I didn’t understand but he told me what he was doing so that if I were to get in this situation again I could do it myself. As this was happening I looked over at my driveway and saw my friends who were with me biking away. That moment right there is what inspired me to write this.

       Sometimes bad things happen, and in order to fix the bad thing you need to miss out on the good thing. I got a flat tire, and because I needed to fix it I missed out on going for a fun bike ride with my friends. It turns out, another one of my friends had joined them, and that friend has a really cool drone for aerial footage. Which means that I missed out on a lot of really fun things. But I knew I had to fix this first if I were going to join them at all.

       The situation I was in is much like what is going on for most of us right now. We are missing out on all of the fun things we could be doing, but in order to do those things we need to fix the bigger problem, Covid-19. Once we fix the problem, we can’t go back and do the things we wanted to when we wanted to so we will have to change and adapt to the new situation. Once I fixed my bike wheel, I couldn’t go back a couple hours and continue to ride with them, so I had to adapt to the new situation.

       After an hour or two the wheel was finished and I called my friends to see if they were still out. I had made that call only to hear that they were on their way back home. I still went out to see if I could find them so I would at least have some time with them. A couple streets over I saw them heading my direction so I went down and joined them for the short way back. They told me about all the fun things they had done and all the things I had missed out on. It turns out the experiences they had were more interesting than any of the other times we’ve rode together. But at least I was riding with them to head about it because if I didn’t address the problem that was out in my way, I would’ve been stuck with that problem for even longer and missed out on even more.

       Life is unfair, but to go back to something good, you must address the bad thing first, or else the good things will never come.



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I love the comparison between the Covid-19 situation and having flat tire. Having a flat tire is a universal experience that anyone can relate to and I think you made some very good points throughout the piece. I very much enjoyed your final sentence, per usual it was very deep and powerful.

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