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A Bikers Dream


Building a trail system in my backyard


“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” 

- Anonymous biker



       It’s a normal Tuesday in quarantine. Online school cramming in work for the week, everybody staying at home during quarantine making the streets turn into a ghost town. School ends at what’s the first thing I decide to do, go outside and take my bike out. There isn’t much else to do because well, I can’t see my friends and I can’t go visit anyone so I might as well spend my time doing something I love. I take couple laps around my house hitting some natural bumps and using them as jumps that lead into clumps of humps. Not to long after I take a break and sit on my bike seat, I look towards the bright blue sky covered with clouds of all kind. And I just sit there and think. I think about all the things I could do with my bike in my own backyard. I think about how I could transform the yard I already have into a small bike park that’s good enough to keep me entertained. I think about the endless opportunities put out right in front of me at my own house. After enough thinking I finally make the impulsive decision to get started on making a trail.

       I get out some old hedge clippers that have gone through many years of trimming back the old bushes that surround my yard. These hedge clippers were the best tool for the job I’ve given myself. At around 4:30PM, I had cut down most of the branches that were in the way and had a clearer vision of the trail that was not yet complete. 


       A couple minutes later I call over my dad, who was playing with my dog, to help me rake the trail to make it clear. I pass him the plastic rake and I grab myself the metal rake which is good for getting around small little sticks that may be poking out of the ground. It took a while but eventually we got the job done. Now that we had raked up the trail it was time for me to take out the same old hedge clippers that I used before. This time I cut out the ones we couldn’t see before so that way the trail would be nice and smooth with nothing sticking out.

       The trail turned out just as I had hoped and I can’t wait to add even more parts to the trail. It all started as a vision in my head, something that I never would’ve imagined actually happened, and I did it myself. This one little dream in my head that came to me while I sat on my bike seat actually came true in a single day. The idea of bike route through my bike yard seemed like it would never happen. This shows that anything can be possible if you put effort into it. It didn’t matter that i thought it wouldn’t be possible, it didn’t matter that it was just a dream, it only mattered that I put in the effort, and made my dream come true.

       If you have a dream, pursue it, you never know what might happen.


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Nick Brady

I liked how you started out this entry with a brief look into the new state that everyone is in, not only grabbing the attention of the reader but preparing them for the rest of the writing and wise one sentence lesson at the end. (By the way, I'm pretty sure John Muir is responsible for the quote, but please don't take that as a fact :)

Rory Kennealy

I really like how you went into detail about what you did when you made the bike trail. It was a very thorough way of writing. I also liked how you wrote about something that wasn't super deep, it was simple, and to the point, and a lesson that everybody should hear. Great writing Sean!


This is an awesome piece of writing about making the best of your free time doing what you love and pursuing it to the end. This is probably my favorite writing piece of yours this year, and it shows how much you have grown as a writer. This is certainly worth publishing in any literary magazine. Now post a Go-Pro of you going through your trail!

Max LG

Doing things outside is one of the best ways to ease this pandemics harshness and you described that perfectly in this piece. Making a trail sounds like a fun thing to do, and I am looking forward to seeing a video on this on your youtube channel.

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