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“Books, books are bad” - Sean Leahy



      Books, ohhh books, books are bad, but hey here I am starting a four paragraph metacognition on the topic of reading books. Hmm, where to start. Ok so basically the entire process of this reading log that Fitz is making us do has been pretty annoying and chaotic. At first I couldn’t even figure out what book I should pick out. But as time went on I just chose a random book that I found in my shelf that only sounded interesting because it had the words “true story” on it. After I had picked out a book for me to read, it was time for me to actually read the book.

       Reading the book is the hardest part about these reading logs for me. From the day I was born reading was not my thing. I can see perfectly fine and read perfectly fine but there is just something about reading that annoys me. It may be the fact that reading takes up time really fast or that reading can be really boring at some parts. There is just something that annoys me. So with that, I decide that at 5:30PM the night before the assignment is due it is the perfect time to get started with a reading log. I get started with reading and once I start I can’t stop. All of the things going on in my house just disappear and I’m in a zone. I finish the first chapter relieved and thankful that the chapter is over and I can start writing. 

       I start to write my first reading log and than I start thinking about the book. If when I started reading and I couldn’t stop, did that mean I actually enjoyed it? No it couldn’t, I just wanted to get it over with. At least that’s what I told myself. Well as time went on I kept on reading and after each time a kept on writing. The more I did this the more the book grew on me. The book still hasn’t grown on me yet and I don’t think it ever will. In fact I don’t think any book ever will. But you never know.

       The book I’m reading is called Lincoln’s Grave Robbers. So far from what I’ve read I’ve taken a few key things out of it. The first one is that it’s a true story. The fact that it is a true story is what I think is making me enjoy the book so much. It just makes the story more real, because it actually was. The second is that story takes place a couple hundred years ago. This is important because it gives me a better picture in my head of what the scenery looked like. The third is that money is a big part in the story. Pretty much all of what I’ve read has consisted of the characters being either people that create counterfeit money, or they are people that are trying to arrest the people create the counterfeit money. This paragraph is really just about what the book is so that you can have an idea of what I’m reading. Hopefully I didn’t bore you out during this.

       Like I said earlier, this entire reading thing is annoying. The experience itself wasn’t  to horrible but I would’ve rather gone without having to do the assignment. It just feels another extra thing that Fitz put in so that we would be busy doing work instead of going out and having fun. And I know reading is fun for some people,  (I don’t understand how that’s possible.) but for me it just isn’t. I guess instead of hearing about an experience I’d rather just experience it myself.

       In conclusion, although the book may seem good, I still think that books are bad.





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