The Place I Go

The Power of Chores

Small things make a difference


“Small things add up fast, get rid of them while you can”

- Sean Leahy 



Chores help everyone. I help by just doing a small chore. Every Saturday morning I am tasked with the small jobs of dusting the house and sweeping the floor. Doing this helps everyone in a small way.

       Every Saturday morning in my house I will wake up and head downstairs. I eat breakfast and soon after I do my small chore of dusting the floor and everything else in every room.

       Chores have never had a large part in my life. Chores for me are always a thing I have to do on Saturdays. All of the other “chores” that happen in our house happen naturally. If we have a lot of dirty laundry, we each naturally put in the the washing machine and let it go. My dad does the dishes in his free time because he is retired and it gives him something productive to do. For my sister, she also has a Saturday chore. She just needs to vacuum the floors of our house. I have the small job of dusting and sweeping. I will go around the house with a swiffer in my hand and clean off every object. Some people in my house have a minor dust allergy and by doing this it helps them out. Not only does it help out their allergy, but it also makes the house look and feel cleaner in general. So does sweeping. It gets rid of all of the little pieces of dirt that may have come in from outside and it makes the house cleaner. Some of these chores are little but if we didn’t do them the problems would add up and turn the house into a mess.

       Small things add up fast, so get rid of them before they take over your life, or your house. It doesn’t matter that I only have a small chore, it doesn’t matter that it takes time out of my Saturday, and it doesn’t matter that there is a lot to clean. It only matters that it helps out the house, and it helps out my family.

       If you don’t get the small things done, they can turn into big things. So get them done, because it will help out everyone.


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Rory Kennealy

Great writing sean! I agree with your theme in that we can all do things to help people out and you wrote about that really well.


You get it, and you do it, and that is a beautiful thing that you express so wisely in this piece!

Max Troiano

It’s so cool how you stretched this small act into something bigger and more meaningful, a coincidental allegory to your piece.

Oliver Ali

This is a very thoughtful piece. I really like how you made your own quote. Not only is it innovative, but it is a perfect fit for the theme that you chose. And it wouldn't be a "Leahy blog post" without the parallel structure of "it didnt matter." It never fails to add great power and rhythm to your piece. Great work, Sean.

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