A Nice Sunday
A Look Back



My life and it’s expectations


“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

- Charles Darwin



I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to make every day the best it can. I want to make sure that in every moment, I will realize how special it is. I have come to the conclusion that we are only young once, so I am going to make my youth the best it can be. I may not have everything in the world, but I certainly have everything I need. I don’t need all the extras, I can work with what I have. I think the extras would be nice, but I’d rather be happy with what what I’m already with. I only have one life, I only have one youth, and I have just want I want to make my life good.

     I have my bike. I have my bike that can take me places I never thought I would’ve seen. I live in are area where me and my bike can enjoy the climbs and descents on the steep single track trails of Maynard. I know that all I need to do to make my youth good is to take me and my bike on adventures. I don’t want to waste my time sitting around on a couch being unproductive when I could be going out on my bike and living life to the fullest. My bike may not be the greatest, but I can work with what I have. I would be going out on many different trails and areas, but quarantine has me stuck. I hope that soon this will end, and when it is I’ll be on the trails with my friends again.

       I know I’ll look back on these times as the greatest of my life, but I don’t want to quit either. I won’t let my age stop me from doing what I love. I will make the most of my later years too. Because as long as I don’t stop trying, the fun will never end. I will be 50, 60, 70 years old, still trying to make the most of each day. Because I don’t want to run out of stories to tell my kids and grandkids, I want to be able to tell them about my life, I want there to still be extra stories even when they don’t want to hear them, I want show them how precious life is, because if I show them how great life can be, there lives will be good as hell. And I can’t wait to see that happen, and know that after I have died, they will still be living up to what their father told them.

I went way deeper in this than I thought I would. But I am glad that I did, because I have just set my own expectations, I have given myself another reason to live. I have given myself, all that I need...       A plan.




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OK, you did it: you wrote your best writing piece ever! Your opening paragraph especially is utterly amazing. You are a gifted writer and a nuanced thinker. This is simply awesome in every way!

Eli Zahavi

This is incredible! The whole essay flowed like a mountain creek. It had an amazing "feel" that just can't really be described. I loved this entire thing from start to finish. The end was also amazing. It gave the readers something to think about. Awesome job, Sean.

Max LG

Great post Sean! The hammering down of I’s reminds of your usual pieces full of parallel structure, great job

Nick Brady

It was great to see that you not only included full visual rhetoric but also wrote in a deep and thoughtful way as opposed to simply describing more surface-deep thoughts and emotions; the time you spent really shows.

Will S.

The message in this piece is very interesting, and I love all the I's. Well, I guess that was the point of this piece, but still. Good job.

William O'Malley

Wow. This was an incredibly deep and thoughtful, yet extremely powerful writing piece that I was not expecting to encounter on this late night commenting expedition. You sent a great message throughout the entire story, and was very interesting to read. Great job Sean!

Jamie Book

The parallel structure you used with the “I”s kept the piece flowing smoothly, and I stayed engaged throughout the piece. You also explored deep in your thoughts, and even referenced how you will stay productive in the future. It is apparent that you are a highly motivated person. Great work!!

Max Troiano

Your far-reaching viewpoint and long-term goals are very admirable, and show your excellent foresight. Great job!

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