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You never know what’s going on in someone’s life

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“Unless you really understand others, you can hardly attain your own self understanding”

- Miyamoto Musashi



      Weekdays in my house are not ordinary ones. My sister comes home from school in a 2013 dark Honda Civic at 7pm 4/5 nights each week because her musical rehearsal keeps her late. Whenever she comes in the door I am able to get out a singular, “Hello” before she darts up the stairs into her room without saying anything to me. I usually just accept it because I figure she has a lot of homework to do. When dinner is ready she comes down 10 minutes late each time because she is so focused on her work. Having a conversation is hard to do with her because I have learned that she is pretty severely impacted by her anxiety. Usually she is mean to me for no reason and I just figure it’s because she is a 16 year old girl that is stuck with a 13 year old boy as her brother. But over time I have started to learn that the main reason she is mean to me is because of her anxiety. This anxiety has built up in her over the years of her in high school because she is taking lots of AP and honors classes that give her a ton of homework. Her being mean to me is just a way of her releasing that stress and anxiety out of her. Learning this has caused me to become a lot more aware of what she is going through and why she does what she does. Her releasing her anxiety in that way really makes you realize, everybody who is mean has a reason for being mean, and them being mean is a way to release the stress or anger that has built up in them over time.

We always see people being mean, but we never look at the bigger picture or reason as to why they are being mean. I used to think that my sister was only being mean to me because she was annoyed by me. But I have learned that her being mean is a way of her releasing her stress and anxiety that has built up in her from school. I’m sure all of us has had someone be mean to them and we just thought that they were being a jerk. Well the truth that I learned is that the person who was mean has something else going on in their life that has caused stress, anger, or anxiety in them and being mean is just a way of them releasing that. If you don’t want someone to be mean to you, just treat them with respect. They could be going through a lot and you don’t know that. A little respect could possibly get rid of that stress or anxiety and make them feel like a better person. Learning this has made me treat my sister with a lot of respect and she is starting to treat me better and it shows a little respect can go a long way

You never know what is going on in someone’s life. And treating someone with respect could cause them to become a much better person, just like my sister.




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