A Saturday Biking Marathon



“Money can’t buy happiness.

but it can buy a mountain bike.

and that’s pretty damn close.”



       Over my quarantine I have been exploring the different ways to entertain myself while I have been in quarantine. Some of the many different things I’ve tried is finishing my latch hook kit from the summer, painting a paint by number set that has little areas smaller than an atom, and practicing soccer; however, only one of many things I’ve tried has stuck out to me, and that is biking.

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The Power of Chores

Small things make a difference


“Small things add up fast, get rid of them while you can”

- Sean Leahy 



Chores help everyone. I help by just doing a small chore. Every Saturday morning I am tasked with the small jobs of dusting the house and sweeping the floor. Doing this helps everyone in a small way.

       Every Saturday morning in my house I will wake up and head downstairs. I eat breakfast and soon after I do my small chore of dusting the floor and everything else in every room.

       Chores have never had a large part in my life. Chores for me are always a thing I have to do on Saturdays. All of the other “chores” that happen in our house happen naturally. If we have a lot of dirty laundry, we each naturally put in the the washing machine and let it go. My dad does the dishes in his free time because he is retired and it gives him something productive to do. For my sister, she also has a Saturday chore. She just needs to vacuum the floors of our house. I have the small job of dusting and sweeping. I will go around the house with a swiffer in my hand and clean off every object. Some people in my house have a minor dust allergy and by doing this it helps them out. Not only does it help out their allergy, but it also makes the house look and feel cleaner in general. So does sweeping. It gets rid of all of the little pieces of dirt that may have come in from outside and it makes the house cleaner. Some of these chores are little but if we didn’t do them the problems would add up and turn the house into a mess.

       Small things add up fast, so get rid of them before they take over your life, or your house. It doesn’t matter that I only have a small chore, it doesn’t matter that it takes time out of my Saturday, and it doesn’t matter that there is a lot to clean. It only matters that it helps out the house, and it helps out my family.

       If you don’t get the small things done, they can turn into big things. So get them done, because it will help out everyone.

The Place I Go


The place I go is like no other.


Located inside a little place a 5 minute walk away 

from a large body of water not so far away.

7 feet from the black dynex television resting up 

on the top of the old oak wood shelf


This place that I go brings never ending 

happiness, relaxation, and a stress free guarantee 


It’s in a place you could probably go today

In a state not so far away

With patterns of white and black, but no keys


Don’t go to this place without warm clothes or else you’ll freeze


This place that I go is not only used by me

But also by the the people who stay in my aunts cottage for free


It’s owned by my aunt who I call “Ro”


And this, is the place I go.


Reflecting on the day makes you realize things you never did before


“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Today was a pretty normal day. It was a Tuesday so my mom woke me up at the normal time of 6:20. I walked down the stairs, greeted my dog Chloe and quickly went to the freezer to grab myself some frozen pancakes. Once I had taken them out of the fridge I put them on a plate, put it in the microwave and heated them up. 

       I’m not sure if other people do this, but what I do while my pancakes heat up is try to see if I can grab all the stuff I need for my pancakes before the timer goes off. Anyway, I ate my pancakes and my mom took me to Fitz’ house because it was a Tuesday and that’s how I get to school. Once I was greeted by Fitz’ dog Milo, we headed out and we got to school in his white van called the Loser Cruiser. I brought my longboard so I get my grip tape laser printed. 

       We got to school and I spent my morning trying to figure out how to make my complicated grip-tape design work. After 40 minutes of failed attempts I went to advisory. It was the same old chitchat who’s here what’s that like it is every morning. 

       Once advisory had ended I went to my first class which was English and so that meant that I just had to stay in the same room I was already in. Most of English class was Fitz telling us what was wrong with each of our blogs and for the rest of class we got to work on our assignment sheets. When English had ended I went to Algebra 1, (or Math for short) for my next class. We started a new unit and we learned about simplifying rational expressions. I sat in the way back at the big table as I always do and spent most of the class drawing while managing to pay attention at the same time. 

       Once that class had ended I went to the old gym for recess which is where I always go because I want to improve my soccer skill so I am prepared for high-school and other soccer seasons. After a fun game of old gym soccer I headed to student life.  Most of that class was us going over how to feel about our secondary schools and how getting rejected shouldn’t be such a big deal. The class has not actually been bad at all and sometimes is the highlight of my day because I just get to sit, relax, and release all of my stress.

       Once student life had ended I went to Justice, my least favorite class. My teacher is amazing and I don’t mind him at all, I just don’t like studying history. So I just waited that class through. As time went on I started getting hungrier and hungrier. When class had ended I got to the pizza sales as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to wait in a long line. Well that want worth it because I had to wait in one of the longest lines all year. 

       But I eventually got my pizza and went on with my day. I was pretty bored so I went to the MMR to see if Oliver Wachs was there. He wasn’t, but his dad was. I told him how I had to wait at school until 5 because nobody could pick me up on time and he offered me to come to his house. I am extremely grateful he offered this because now I have had a much better day than if he didn’t offer. 

       His babysitter took me, Oliver, and Josh Brennan, (who apparently was coming as well) to his house and that is where I stayed until 5. We did all different things. From riding skateboards, to doing homework, and playing soccer. 

       At around 3:45 we took Josh back to his house and played Gaga ball on the trampoline while we waited for his parents to get home. When Oliver and I got back to his house we didn’t have much time until my mom got there to pick me up. She brought me home and immediately had to leave again to go to a meeting. 

       My dad made dinner and headed out to go do a radio show that he volunteered to do and it just so happened to be exactly when my sisters shift usually is. Because my dad did the radio my sister had to leave at the same time to go to her other job at the movie theater. And now there is just me, alone in my house, sitting while listening to rain droplets splash around me, listening to music, and working on Fitz’ assignment sheet.

Old Gym Soccer

Sometimes you just have to play for fun


“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game” - Michael Jordan



Sometimes you just got to play for fun. Every recess I go to the old gym with my friends to play soccer for fun. Every day this past past year at recess I have gathered some of my friends and we go to the old gym to have a fun game of soccer that isn’t competitive. 

       Every day Monday through Friday at recess, some of my friends and I go to the old gym and play a fun game of soccer. The kids who usually come with me are Sean Trudeau, Luca Raffa, and Harry Nerrow. Once we are all gathered in the Old Gym we create teams. Most of the time it is Sean and I against Harry and Luca. We grab the foam ball that we always use as our soccer ball and start the game. The ball will bounce a couple of times and someone gets possession of the ball. If Sean and I don’t have the ball most of the time Sean shouts at me to go hard on the tackle in which I sprint at whoever has the ball and attempt to get it away from them. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time I manage to get the ball from whoever has it. Now Sean and I have the ball. Whoever doesn’t have the ball is trying their hardest to get open so they get passed to and has an opportunity to score. Usually this doesn’t happen because we try to see if we can dribble past each other and meg one other so we can all go crazy when it happens. So let’s say I have the ball. I will dribble it up and Sean will make a cut, I choose not to pass to him and I will dribble it up the court, shoot the ball as fast as I can at the net, score, and celebrate. This will go on for the rest of recess until we are forced to go to our next class. It doesn’t matter who wins in the end, because we all leave the place exhausted and ready to continue on with our day.

       The point of what we do every day is not to see who is better, but it is to have a good time with each other for the small amount of time we all have at this school together. We can play as hard as we want, do as many crazy things as we can, try and see how many megs we can each get, see who can score the craziest goal, and nobody will care about it too much because we all know that we are just doing it for fun. I doesn’t matter who wins in the end, it doesn’t matter who may seem like the best at soccer in the gym, and it doesn’t matter how short of a time we have in the old gym. It only matters that we are having fun, and making the most of our last year at Fenn.

Not everything is about competition, sometimes the better thing to do is just play for fun.



The Last Game

It is determination and not giving up that leads to success

“It is the size of ones will which determines success”

Unknown Author



The Last Game shows many different professional soccer players on a journey to defeat the robotic soccer players that are trying to take over professional soccer. The soccer players challenge the robots to a match of soccer. If they win, soccer is played by humans. If they lose, robots are the new replacement for soccer players. That’s why this video is called the last game.


       This video shows the determination of the professional soccer players. Even after being replaced by the robots, they were determined to take their game back. They did not give up. They trained and trained until the last game arrived. It didn’t matter that the robots took them over before, it didn’t matter that they had some doubt in the beginning, and it didn’t matter that the future of professional soccer was in their hands. It only mattered that in the end, they did not give up and they were able to take they game they loved back.

       If there is one thing to take away from this video, it would be that determination and not giving up are the two main keys to success.


Having to Say Goodbye

Riding with Fitz for four years


“I’m no good at goodbyes” - Post Malone



      Every Tuesday at 7AM for the past 4 years my mother has done the same thing. Driving me in a 2012 edition silver Toyota Highlander to Fitz’ house across town. Each time I walk through the same old, red wood door with paint chipped off of it after being worn over time. I sit down on the long, brown leather couch and wait for Fitz to come out of his room and make a cup of coffee so we can leave. Over the past four years I have gone through the same experience with a different group of kids each year. As time went one the amount of people kept on decreasing more and more each year. This year I am the last person left that goes on a ride with Fitz each Tuesday morning to Fenn. Next year Fitz will be by himself every morning on his way to Fenn. Driving with Fitz really starts to put into perspective; everything at some point will eventually come to an end, no matter how much you enjoy it. You just have to move on.

      It’s sad to think about things coming to end, but eventually everything will have to, and you just have to accept it. I have done the same thing for the past four years and now the time has come, I must move on. The people that used to join me in going to Fitz’ house have also had to move on just like I have to do now. Over the past four years they all left one by one eventually leading to me. Going to Fitz’ house every Tuesday is fun for me. Having his dog Milo greet me each time with more love than most dogs have shown towards me is only one of the great things I have experienced throughout this. Saying goodbye to this little piece of my life is a hard thing to do. There are probably little things in everybody’s life that they don’t realize it would be hard to say goodbye to. But like I said the beginning, everything comes to an end, and you just have to move on.

So whenever you have to say goodbye, you just have to accept it and move on.




Experience With a Friend

My friend and I having a great time


“Sometimes, just spending some quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need” - Unknown



      We all have our differences. My friend Saran and I our different and we are great friends. My friend Saran and I have been friends since preschool. We have lots of major differences and I had one of my favorite times ever with him.

      In the beginning of 2020, my friend Saran invited me to come with him to a YMCA with him because he wanted to go with a friend. My friend Saran comes from a completely Sri Lankan family. Most of his family lived in Sri Lanka or currently lives in Sri Lanka. We went to the same preschool together and miraculously we are still friends after not having gone to the same school since preschool. One night in January my mom got a call from his mom asking if I wanted to go to the YMCA with him. Since I hadn’t seen him in a couple of months I immediately said yes. At around 6pm their  family pulled up to my house and we were off. The car ride was funny but stressful at the same time. This was because his father had turned on his phone to text someone while he was driving, Obviously, Sarans mom got mad at him and for the rest of the car ride they were yelling at each other in a different language that neither of us understood and occasionally the car would swerve. Eventually we got to the YMCA. We had a great time together doing things like pickle ball, soccer, and swimming. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

      Saran and I have our differences and we are still great friends. It didn’t matter that his family is Sri Lankan, it didn’t matter that we haven’t seen each other in a couple of months, and it didn’t matter that we only went to preschool together. It only mattered that our friendship has lasted forever and we had a great time together.

      No matter your differences between you and a friend, you can always have a great time, just like I did.



Exclusion, and Finding a way around things

How I found a way around a tough situation


“The way I see it, if you want to see the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain”

-Dolly Parton


      We all get excluded sometimes. I was excluded from a basketball game because, “I wasn’t as good as them.” Sometime during middle school my friends were playing basketball and I asked if I could join and because they felt I wasn’t that good they wouldn’t let me join. I knew I had to find a way around this.

      In middle school, I walked up to my friends who were playing basketball in the gym at recess and asked if I could play with them because I had nothing to do. It was a regular old school day. Went to advisor, had first period, and went to all school meeting. Once all school meeting was done it was time for recess. I decided that because it was basketball season I might as well head to the gym to practice. I strolled over to the doors of the gym and when a opened them I saw three of my friends putting together a 2v2 game of basketball. I thought to myself that playing with them would be an even better way to practice and get better. I walked over to them and asked if I could join. What he said was something along the lines of, “your not really that good at basketball we need to find someone better than you before you can join us.” Obviously that hurt a little because you don’t want to hear someone not letting you join just because you are worse. I decided to leave them alone and eventually they did find someone to join them. To work around this I gathered some of my other friends who weren’t doing anything and we played basketball together. I feel that I actually had more fun playing with them than I would with the other kids, because they didn’t put me down if they thought I wasn’t as good as them. That was a good way to work around the block my other friends out in front of me.

      Nobody likes getting excluded. I got excluded from my friends when they were playing basketball. It didn’t matter that they excluded me, it didn’t matter that what they said hurt me, and it didn’t matter that it was just middle school. It only mattered that I had friends who accepted me for who I am, and that I found a way around the problem.

      Getting excluded shouldn’t stop you, just like it didn’t stop me. There will always be a way around bad things that will make them good.




Pop song (with lyrics this time)

Fitz English Song


get me out of here


Take me outta here


Bring me outta here


Out of dis hell


I got justice without borders and algebra 1


None of this stuff is really any fun


This homework overload 


Should be against the code


Just get us out of here


How are they not aware


That no one really cares


Sitting on their chairs


In this hell


School keeping us till 5


How are we gonna look alive


We got three tests a day


This feels like a cliche

(In a talking voice) can’t wait to graduate.