From 4th to 8th

My Fenn Experience


        The switch from my old school to Fenn was life-changing. I started with the thoughts in my head that if I didn’t like it I could go back in sixth grade. But even halfway through fourth grade I knew that I wouldn’t be going back. Now five years later looking back I see how great my experience was. Walking into advisor on a brisk A-day morning I see Fitz swiveling around in his chair and some of my friends beside him. That morning I already knew this would be one of my best years at Fenn. 

        From an advisor to and english teacher Fitz knew how to teach. Each class and assignment sheet was a new way to grow as a writer, or a musician. From introducing us, especially Sean, to parallel structure, to teaching us how to craft a video, Fitz had a new way to teach it. Things were going good and we all went home for March break. 

        Life was easy for a while, we just got the news we would go for one more week of break. But that one week turned into two, and those two turned into a month, and that month turned into the rest of the school year. The rest of the school year on some program that would have a 50/50 chance of crashing every class of mine. But we still went on, through assignment sheets and math tests, and justice projects. Every morning at 9 AM we would type in the same zoom code and be let into the start of our day. 

        Our advisor talked about school, about how we felt about zoom, and how weird this pandemic felt for everyone at Fenn. But all good things must come to an end and most of them did as soon as we went into this pandemic. But the one class that didn’t change was Fitz’s. We went from an assignment sheet a week, to an assignment sheet a week. Not much changed in his class and it was like we were still there. When I go into high school and look back on my Fenn experience, I will remember a lot of things, and some that were bad but, in the end I will see my great experience at Fenn was as a whole. All the sports I played, and lost at, all the tests and homework, all the friends and community, and all school meeting everyday. Fenn was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had so far and Im sure it will stay that way, forever. 

        I was with Fenn from when I was born up until now. From the age of 4 in dragonflies in summer Fenn to the age of 14 in eight grade. When I graduate I will be thinking of my experiences and friends I made. While we can’t have an actual graduation I will be excited to watch the virtual one. I will miss my glorious days at Fenn, but like I’ve said before all good things must come to an end.


Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020, were someone’s Bentley, is more important than our world
Our icecaps are melting, and we are forgetting not regretting
When the ice cracks, and you can’t turn your backs anymore, in a risk they would get burned
How have you not learned
When 24 species go extinct
Do we not think, that this is an issue
Some say it's not true, that it's lies
They get people to sympathize with their destruction
This corruption of our government
This surely can’t be what they meant, to do

But it’s true
The world is on fire
This situation grows more dire, as we approach the 10 year mark
Are we truly still stuck in the dark?
Forests start to ignite
And turn the night, sky an orange color
Why can’t we smother, this fire we created
This feels outdated, why have we waited to start now
we plough through the woods
Our forests are crying out to us
And we still make a fuss, about money

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The House on the Hill

My (nearly) solitary walk in the woods


“The question is not what you look at, 

but what you see”

-Henry David Thoreau 


        A walk in the woods. A walk in the woods with my dog. A walk in the woods with my dog and me. A nearly silent stream trickles along surrounded by large rocks. I jump to the other side while my dog chooses to walk straight through the stream. Some more wetlands lead to an almost perfect path covered in leaves. weaving through trees and hopping on rocks, we finally arrive to this silent yet screaming haven. 

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The Place I Go

My hand reaches into the silk-like sand
I lift it up as it slowly rolls down my palm and back to its brethren
As the burning orb turns
the cloud free sky into a gradient of violet and orange
It sinks behind the crusty dunes
A circle of chairs surrounds a low burning ash
And the first star shines out against the murky background 

The green-turned waves crash on the recently dampened sand
The birds circle lower and lower to find their treasure 
And the fire crackles sparks onto the sand

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A Safe Solution

The key to saving our planet

we are living on this planet
as if we had another one to go to
-Terri Swearingen

    Our planet is slowly dying. In more ways than one I try my best in every day life to slow this process down. One of these ways for me, is not eating red meat.

    This video is by Mark Rober and it was posted on February 12th, 2020. This video is about how meat (especially beef) affects climate change. It details that meat is the biggest contributor to climate change, due to methane, and that it contributes more than all vehicles. In this video he visits Beyond Beef, and Impossible Burger to see how they are made, and then later feeds the burgers to Bill Gates.

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The Endless Maze of Words

The Lord of the Flies



        The Lord of the Flies is supposed to be a literary classic that everyone enjoys, but its hard to enjoy when they introduce five new characters a chapter and through in words like “fronds” every other word. This book is pretty good, I won’t lie, but the way that is delivered through mazes disguised as sentences is to much for a casual read.


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The Power of Procrastination

The Song of a Siren

29400588-BD1E-4F92-B8A3-44E07ADF158AProcrastination makes easy things hard,

hard things harder

-Mason Cooley



        As I sit here and write my final blog post, I realize that I could have had so much more free time if I had spread the work more evenly. I did two reading logs throughout the week, and two blog posts, but I left a reading log, a blog post, micro works and metacognitions all for today. I even left a math class and my Justice homework all to do on this one Sunday, which also happened to be Easter. 

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