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My Iambic Poetry

What Music Means to Me

And how it impacts my daily life

8F3ED14E-C601-4490-AEF9-2C5283235E0DOne good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. ― Bob Marley

        An important afterthought. Music is something we don’t often think about being so important in our daily lives but in reality, most of us listen to maybe at least an hour of music a day, I know I certainly do. Whether it is driving to work or school, some background tunes as you work or study, while you’re at the gym, we all listen to, and enjoy music. Even in doing all these, most of us never really stop to think about how much we love music or how much we use it in our lives. Everyone also loves making music, strumming a guitar nonchalantly, rocking out or even just messing around with friends, making music is also really fun and not extremely hard to do. Yet still we continue to somewhat take it for granted. To me, music is a huge source of entertainment, but it is also a way for me to unwind and relax, decompress after lots of work and stress. For me and many others, music is much more than just simple entertainment, it’s a safe haven, a place to escape to. Music—for me at least—takes me away to a place where I feel comfortable, safe and not have a care for what is going on, music is many things, but for everyone, music is very important. Also, who doesn’t like bumping Chief Keef in the shower? If you just think about taking music entirely out of your life for an entire day, what type of impact would it have on you? How would you cope with things that you normally cope with through music? How else will you vent your negative emotions? When you realize how much music comes into play in your life, then you can start to see how much it really means to you, but more importantly what music can mean to not only you, but everyone else in the world around you. I love music, I listen to countless songs every day and I could never go without it. Music is very meaningful and has a pretty big part in the way I live my life.