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AQOTWF Chaoter 4 Literary Analysis

AQOTWF Chapter 3 Socratic Discussion Prepration

This chapter not only raised quite a few questions for me in some of the questionable behaviors between the different soldiers but it also clarified quite few in the themes that are continuing arise as the book develops. In coalition with the great struggles Paul and his team are going through on the front, they now have to deal with new recruits who are much less experience and almost soft. The team also learns that Himelstoss has been sent to the front and are exetremly happy with this news as Himelstoss terrorized them at camp although when looking back on it, there is a sense of thankfulness as Himelstoss prepared them only a little for the terrors that come from the trench fighting which are exponentially worse than the camp and the way in which the men were treated by Corporal Himelstoss. One question I had from this chapter as the characters reflect on Himelstoss’ abusements of power is that does war help to bring out the more primitive man who greatly abuses the power given to him and fuels a fire of hatred in those on who it is being abused? I also can see how the abuse of power can be detrimental to the success of a team if you have a team where coexistence between members is so incredibly important and you have hatred between two team members or more, that hatred could be the most contributing factor to the fall of said team.