Chapter Six Literary Reflection
Chapter 8 Literary Analysis

The Power of Friendship

And What it Has Taught Me


Sometimes, our friends are the ones we can turn to for the most comfort. It was my friend I could turn to when seemingly no one else was there for me. When everything seemed so sad; when I was at a terrible and desolate low in my life; and when it felt as if no one was there for me, I found that my friend was one who I could confide in and receive tons of support from. Sad, frustrated, and confused, I had no one to turn but a friend. I had just experienced a massive loss in my life and was having much trouble coping with it. My friends was the one who helped me through the struggle and sadness, guided me when no one else could. I was terrified at the time as in my family it seemed nobody understood and could help but I trusted a friend and in the end, it was a great decision. In choosing my friend as a confidant, I was turning to the one person left, and they helped me get through the extremely emotional time. The one person I needed, the one person I got, my friend.