Final Exam Literary Analysis
Final Exam Narrative

End of Year Metacognition

What I have learned in my time at Fenn

61F3251F-FB99-41CB-92E9-DB2EA6753C4A“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”-Søren Kierkegaard

       I will admit I went into the school year with an awful attitude. I thought I just wanted to cruise through the year, and that I thought I hated Fenn and just couldn’t wait to get out of here; moreover, when I first walked into Fitz’s room in September, I thought “who the hell is this wacko.” But I have matured, not only as an athlete and a person, but also as a student, especially as a reader and writer thanks to my wise and all-knowing English teacher, or at least so he claims. Looking back on it, I will admit there are a multitude of things I could have done exponentially better, but there are a few things I wouldn’t change at all. I made some awful decisions throughout the course of my roller coaster of a year, but I’ve also made great ones. I had some terrible things go even worse, and made some of the biggest achievements of my life, I think you see where this is going. 

          The fall was amazing for me, I had fairly good grades, I was doing very well in football, and things were pretty good. Looking back on it, just like everything else, there are also some things I most certainly regret about the fall. I had a lot of fun with my friends however, going to Florida for football, reconnecting with friends from last year as school started up again, and just having a good time. But I felt that in the fall, I was more or less going through the motions and not getting enough out of my days. Yes I was getting good grades in school, and yes I was doing very well in football, but I wasn’t really trying to learn anything new or get better, bland success. I really wish I could’ve gone back to try and get just a little more out of this fall. 

        The winter really gave me a kick in the behind. School became much harder, I had SSATs to do well with, and the pressure was on in general. I feel that I really got much more out of this part of the year than any other, and it was a lot harder, I will admit, but in the end I came out on the other side and was extremely satisfied with the results. If I were to go do it all again, I would say that I could have been a better person during this time. I made some mistakes in my personal life really regret and that really brought me down for a long time. Stupid things I completely could have gone without, more than avoidable. But in the end, it all worked out and I’m still here.

         The spring has been the best for me this. While I will admit I did start the spring just as I started the year, bad attitude, not the best person. I just wanted to cruise, not care about anyone but myself and get ready to just leave Fenn in the dust. Looking back on the spring term in this past week, I realized it went a little to fast. With only one week left in school, believe it or not, I actually would like just a little more time at Fenn. I definitely should have reached out to people that I haven’t in the past, and to reconnect with old friends I hadn’t talked to in quite a bit that I really should have. There are a couple kids in our grade that I won’t be going to the same school as next year for the first time in nine or ten years. I wish I could just have a week or two more at Fenn to really end with great memories, but it is not possible unfortunately. 

       I have loved my time at Fenn, I have grown so much in my 5 years here, both mentally and physically, and will come back for a long time. I will definitely leave Fenn feeling accomplished and ready to take on whatever awaits in the world beyond.