End of Year Metacognition

Final Exam Narrative

My learnings through athletics 

“Colleagues are a wonderful thing-but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done”-Junot Diaz

      All good learning is not done in the classroom. I often look to coaches for support and guidance in life. If I’m having a terrible time, or failing to make plays, or whatever the issue, I can almost always look to a coach for help. If I’m having a awful day, my coaches are always there to talk to; moreover, they will always have my back if I make a mistake and am getting chewed out by whoever when I should be. At no other time in my life was this more apparent than this football season at Fenn. We had amazing coaches, and I knew I could always turn to them for support or help. Actually, I felt I asked my coaches for more help with things going on in my personal life more than for help on technique or to learn a play. Sad, down, and having a complete off day, I knew I could always go to my coaches for help, but one coach in particular, Chris Ryan. Coach Ryan was always the best to do drills with, as we always mixed in the seriousness of football with a little fun here and there. Not only would he boost the quality of all our practices, but also be there if I ever needed someone to talk to. He is the person I feel most comfortable talking about certain issues with outside of family members. It didn’t matter the issue, or the circumstance. I could ask him for help any time of the day and he would always be there for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach, especially one that I can relate to so well and one always there to help. I will most likely keep in touch with Coach Ryan for a long time, as he has been a great mentor and role model for me throughout the year.