How teachers and students can make Ninth grade better

Making Ninth Grade Better

How teachers and students can improve the year


"Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted." - Theodor Seuss


     My Ninth Grade year has been an amazing experience. It has been really fun to be the leaders of the school, but also daunting at some points. The teachers this year definitely treat us with more respect, but also expect a lot better behavior and work from us students. The class has done a pretty good job so far on behavior, but I know that we can do better and make the classes even smoother. The teachers also have been much harsher when it comes to horsing around, and have been somewhat high-strung. This has been one of the main problems I have seen, and if it is fixed the year would be much better. If the teachers were more relaxed about jokes and messing around, I think kids would be more energized in class and be happy to go to class. Although there is the problem that comes with not cracking down on misbehavior, which is kids not being focused and thinking it is the norm to be joking around in class. This problem may occur, and probably will, but when it does that is when the teachers should be strict and give out punishments. I think if the teachers don’t allow any joking around in class then students won’t have any fun and won’t be motivated to learn. Like the quote at the top says, we just want the same things as adults, to laugh, learn and be challenged. 

     One thing the students can do to make the year better in my opinion is to stop complaining about the homework and tests. I know that teachers are supposed to cut down on the amount of homework this year, and they definitely have, but kids still complain about it. This is obviously normal for kids, but since in reality all of us only have at most two hours on a homework loaded night, I think kids don’t have to complain as much. Also tests are a very important part of our learning because then we can see if we actually know how to do the work, and I know that many people say that all tests do is make you memorize things and spit it back out on paper, I would disagree because when you memorize something it is still very valuable to your education. For example, a vocabulary test in our language classes are just memorizing and spitting it back out on the page, but that is still helpful because you will know the words in the future and add them to your vocabulary. 

     This year has been very fun and I don’t think either of the problems I stated are hard to fix, and I hope that this year will only improve from here on. The two problems I stated both had to do with negative behavior from students and teachers, and I think if we as a class can decide that we want to be more positive overall, the solution to both of these problems will come with ease.