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    My feet sink deep into the soft, pebble filled sand. As I glance up to see what is making my feet and the sand so hot I see the most beautiful sunset. The orange, red, and yellow mixtures melt my eyes as the large color changing sphere sink right under the glistening ocean, sending the whole entire beach into complete; yet subtle darkness. My Dad calls for me to go upstairs while he sits in a lawn chair, but I say no, I kindly ask him if I can go down to the water and sit for a little. Surprisingly he says yes, so I bolt down to the now completely blacked out water. As  my feet touch the water I think of all the times I take nature for granted. The cold, brisk mornings where all I think about is how the cold it is and how summer needs to come A.S.A.P., but what I don’t think about how the air fresher than ever, or how most states don’t get experience this type of whether. Then I realize I am going through the same thing right now, but I make sure to take in this whole experience. It is not everyday when you are standing alone on the shore of a beach with knees half deep in the water. Which’s want realize is what I must do from now.