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Conor MacLean


   We all have a deep love for something.  In order two create memories and develop an genuine love for something, those memories must be created with other people you genuinely enjoy being around. While I enjoy many different aspect of the Fenn campus, it is what Fenn gave that created the everlasting memories. The place where me and some of my best freedoms created these memories was the hockey rink. Getting on the small white or large yellow bus everyday, but Monday was the most exciting part of my day. Once our ride full of mobile video games and incredible music came to end we all hopped of the bus as fast as possible, trying to avoid unloading all of the heavy, stink, and flat gross hockey bags. After that brief moment of intensity ends we all head inside. Walking in to the old, rundown, cold rink was made much better by a warm welcome from Mark Pesce. Not only was the hockey rink where most of our UNDEFEATED took place, it was where the small things in the locker rooms took place. These were the major keys that made this place so special. Whether it was sitting next to Andrew Heinze every game because if we didn’t we would one hundred percent lose, or listening to Cross Me, by NBA Young boy and Lil Baby all of the small memories we created made my experience on the hockey team and at the hockey rink as memorable as it was. At the end of all of this my sports career at Fenn was fun, but for some reason it was never as cool or important as what I thought it would when I was a small sixth grader. Baseball was underwhelming and fall sports have never been my thing, but the hockey season always surpassed my expectations, which is why it my most memorable Fenn experience