Where the River Flows
Final Reflection

A Morning’s Walk Through the Woods

Think of a morning walk in the woods


Where the birds flutter 

And the squirrels ricochet from tree to tree


And the brisk spring wind blows around you 

Making the trees sway from side to side


Now look down

And make sure you don’t trip on the roots


Or get pricked by the prickers 

Or get brushed by the poison ivy


Follow the path through the woods


And see the vultures soaring above

And see the bugs cross the path at your feet


Now make your way home

And start the day


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Niko Weaver

Your Poem took me with you on your walk, Like you were a guide on a nature walk. Every new stanza was a new thing to look at. Great job!

CJ Bailey

Grayson, the details and the descriptive adjectives in this poem make every line very vivid, which allows the reader to embark on quite the journey before the work day starts. Well done!

Christopher Lando

You used great imagery throughout this entire poem. It really made me feel like I was actually there with you. Nice job, Grayson!

Ben Paradis

Words could not describe how great this poem is, Mr Malitsky. You truly captured what it’s like to be on a morning walk, with your highly descriptive and specific language. I look forward to reading more of your poems in the future. 10/10 in my books!

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