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Dear Louis 

      Hi Louis my name is Colby Mara and I live in Bedford Massachusetts. My favorite things to do outside of school is play hockey, football, and lacrosse with my teammates. I have two brothers John, and Kyle and we are triplets. My question for you is do you have any siblings and how is it like living in Belgium. I am very curious about other cultures in the world so respond as soon as you can.

      In my English class we are reading the book The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. We started reading this book two weeks ago and so far I think it’s a pretty good book. It’s about a girl named Xiomara who lives with her Mom, Dad, and her twin little brother. This book is constructed into different poems about how she feels. One poem could be about hating to go to church and the next to be about getting bullied in school. Xiomara deals with getting bullied a lot and she has to deal with her family a lot. She hates going to church because she is not Christian and does not want to be Christian.

      I like reading this book because I like learning about how she feels and what she’s going through because other people around the world could be going through the same thing. I am doing a good job reading this book and taking notes. I can get a lot better at writing down the themes of the poems but I am good at finding the evidence to support the theme. Next time I will think deeply about each poem to come up with the right theme.

      One poem in the book that stood out to me is the poem Okay. Throughout this poem she was feeling disappointed. A block quote from this poem is “and twin must see it on my face. This love and distaste I feel for him. He’s older (by a whole fifty minutes) and a guy, but never defends me”. A line quote from this poem is “and neither of us had to say. We are disappointed in each other”. Lastly a phrase quote from this poem is “doesn’t he know how tired I am”.

      It was great talking to you and writing this letter to you. I don’t usually write leaders like this but I’m kind of enjoying it. I hope you can read this great book and learn about Xiomara as a person and what she has to deal with at school and in public. Personally this book is very interesting to me and I hope you can give it a chance because it is worth it.



Colby Mara 

Windsor mountain essay

Colby Mara 



Windsor Mountain

Windsor mountain trip


I would say to myself in fear “am I really going to do this”
Colby Mara


      I jumped out of bed on the second day of Windsor, well rested and ready for a very exciting day. This is a huge day because I’m going to accomplish the giant 15 foot rope swing into the deep black water. I’m going to climb up the ladder onto a shaky dock known as the high dive and jump off. Lastly, I am going to climb up a 45 foot enormous  structure called the giants ladder. I want to overcome my fear, feel proud about myself, and go to sleep exhausted from the exciting fun day. 

      All day I was thinking about how it would feel to do something I’m uncomfortable with so I can feel proud about myself. I wWas walking up the 15 foot ladder to get to the wobbly platform that I want to jump off of into the black pond atof Windsor Mountain. When I got on the high 15 foot platform I could feel it wobble from the kids below me wanting to go. I walked to the very edge of the platform and all of sudden it felt very high. I got extremely nervous like there was a pit in my stomach. Staring into the pitch black lake was not helping my nerves at all as well. I realized I just had to do it to say That I jumped off it. So I jumped and as I’m in mid air it felt like I was floating for a solid 2 seconds then hit the water hard with a huge splash.  I realized that if you overcome your nerves you can do whatever you want to do. When I finally had the courage to leap off the platform and jump into the water, I felt great. I was so proud of myself for taking a risk and  doing something I have never done before. It was also extremely fun and if I was not doing it I would be missing out on the amazing experience. I was amazed that I overcame my fear of the rope swing and actually did it and felt proud of it.

      Everytime I walked by the giants ladder, I would say to myself in fear “am I really going to do this” and think about what would happen if I fell out of my harness. All these thoughts were making me even more terrified of the enormous giants ladder. There I was standing below the enormous giants ladder. I was terrified and didn’t even want to do it because I hate heights. But I wanted to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. As I started my climb I made it up the first rung of the ladder and was literally exhausted and thought how am I going to do this. I made it up a couple more rungs, getting tired by the second. It was great when I could hear my classmates cheering me on and encouraging me to do one more rung and then another rung. I made it to the second to top rung then made a bad choice and looked down at my class and the camp counselor belaying me. Then I realized how high I am and started to freak out and thoughts would come in my head like what if I fall or what if my hardest comes undone. I overcame my thoughts, looked up and kept going, I climbed one more rung and finally made it to the top. I felt terrified and wanted to get right down. Right as I hit the bottom I could not believe what I just did. I was still shaking in fear that I was about 50 feet up in the air. I realized that if you stay focused on what you're doing you can absolutely do anything you want. Still everytime I walk by the giants ladder I shiver but also get a feeling of accomplishment because I overcame my fear and did it.

      After a long day of challenges, accomplishments, and fun I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed, but we had one last activity which was the campfire. It was about 8 O’clock at night in the woods of Windsor mountain and me and the whole grade were gathered around the campfire listening and singing songs. As we were learning new songs and singing all I could see was the bright orange fire and my classmates behind it. We were listening to Fitz and the camp counselors singing different songs and listening to the guitar in the background. I could smell the wood burning and the hot coals of the fire and the crisp woods of New Hampshire. Then when we were winding down, I started to feel the warmth of the fire on my face. My eyelids started to get heavy and I got very sleepy. Although the campfire was amazing it was hard for me to even keep my eyes open staring at the bright warm fire. As the campfire songs played, I was thinking about the trip and all the good that had happened over the course of two2 days. Like all the new people, I got to meet and build bigger relationships with my friends. From being exhausted, I could think and reflect from the trip and it made the experience a million times better. This campfire was easily one of the best things on this trip just because it was a moment I could think good things about myself and the trip.


      Overcome your fears and you will feel amazing.



The enjoyment of hockey


   “I am always looking forward to training and getting better at the sport”
Colby Mara 


      Hockey is a sport which I truly love to play and practice for. I love hockey because It’s a fast paced game that can get physical, emotional, and sometimes dangerous. You also need to think about the game like when I have the puck am I going to shoot it, pass it, or skate with it. I love the hitting part of the game because since I am one of the bigger players I can hit or protect myself from hits coming at me. During playoff games or games against tough teams it can get very intense which I like because it gets my adrenaline going and I start to play a very good game because I want to win badly. Once you get the win you feel amazing because once all the hard work is done you can have fun and celebrate. That is what I love about the sport

    I am always looking forward to training and getting better at the sport. I will skate four times a week trying to improve everyday and to have fun with my teammates. I go to the gym as well to get stronger and try to be one of the bigger players out on the ice. All the hard work I do is because I am really determined to get better at hockey. I think with all the work I am doing I can play hockey at a high level and that’s what I hope for.

    I also like to play hockey for fun so I set up a backyard ice rink in the winter to skate and have fun on. When I don’t have hockey or when I have free time I like to go outside and shoot around and get better but in a more relaxed way. I can also invite some of my hockey teammates over or just any of my friends and we can do a three on three tournament just for fun or a different game that we all enjoy.

    Everyone has a passion for something that makes them happy and joyful.



After a long day of school                                                                                                                                        

Long day of work                                                                                                                                                        

Long day of listening to teachers                                                                                                                                     

Long day of asking question                                                                                                                                               

I sit down and get comfortable                                                                                                                                             

scrolling through my phone                                                                                                                                                    

On Instagram and Snapchat                                                                                                                            

Watching new YouTube videos here and there                                                                                                 

Then I realize                                                                                                                                                 

The 500 word english essay I have to write                                                                                            

The math quiz I have to study for                                                                                                            

And the science reflection about metric conversions                                                                     

Everything due the next day                                                                                                                            

I realize Homework really is the devil                                                                                                            

I get up sadly like me on Monday morning                                                                                                

I’m sad and all want to do is relax like a lazy sloth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I get my ipad out of my backpack                                                                                                            

And walk up the stairs sadly up to my room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Where I can focus and get it done                                                                                                                    

I start pounding out my homework one subject at a time                                                                         

I get a feeling when I get this done my smile  will light up my room.