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November 2021

Power of place

A place that makes me happy     


“When you leave a beautiful place, you will carry it with you wherever you go”

Alexandra Stoddard

      A special place can make you happy. My favorite place that brings joy to me is the hockey locker room with my teammates. The hockey locker room is such a fun place to be in before a hockey game or practice. There’s so many things to do in one room you would actually be surprised.

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The power of friendship

Friendship is something Special 

2E2E578C-0569-4BED-8A82-036D893A0E87“a true friend is the best possession”

 ~Benjamin Franklin

Friendship is one of the most powerful things in life. To me Friendship is very important because you have people to talk to and have fun with. Having friends is the best thing I can have because it makes me feel special when they want to include me in a game or help me out with my math homework. I love my friends because they are extremely nice and kind to me and that makes me feel extremely special. It’s the best feeling when they try to catch up to you because it makes me feel like they enjoy being around me. It’s fun having Friends and makes my life so much more enjoyable. Tommy is in most of my classes here at Fenn and is one of my best friends. Last week we had a very tough piece of math homework. I was stuck on one problem and had no idea how to solve it but then Tommy showed me how to do it. Tommy helped me so much with that one problem because I could learn how to solve the math problem and get it right at the same time. He also was looking out for me and made sure I understood the material which I appreciated. Tommy wanted to help me and wanted me to be successful. I was extremely grateful for having a friend that cared so much to help me. Helping a friend out is what friends are for. Wanting to help someone and getting help from someone will make you and your friend feel great. That is how powerful friendship can be. This meant so much to me that I had a friend that was willing to help me when I needed it. Having friends Is the best thing in life because they will help you succeed and make you have fun with what you're doing. They will want to hangout with you and you would want to hangout with them. Friendship is something extremely special to have.

The power of family

Supporting each other during hard times



Family will support us and help us when we are down. When I felt down about myself my family would pick me back up like nothing had happened. When I was feeling down and not myself, my family cared and wanted to help. My family wanted to help me become myself and be happy with life. I get stressed about taking tests, and when it was the day to take the SSAT I was extremely nervous, stressed, and felt so much pressure to do well because I want to get into a private high school. My family made me feel better, loved, and calm even when I should be stressed and feel anxious. Before the test I was sweating and felt all the pressure in the world to do well. My family realized how I was feeling and immediately helped and supported me. My family told me “no matter what happens we will always be proud of you”. After hearing this I walked into the room and took the test. The support from my family really helped me become Less stressed about the test because I knew that whatever score I get on the SSAT I would still feel loved by my family. I went into the test feeling no pressure at all and just wanted to try my best knowing whatever happens my family will still love me and be proud of me. My family will always love and support me.