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December 2021

The call of the wild

The Call of the Wild

Theme of Call of the Wild


“Everything that is difficult will be worth it in the end”
~Colby Mara

    Everything that is difficult will be worth it in the end. The Call of the Wild by Jack London was a very difficult book for me to read because of all the difficult words throughout the book. Reading The Call of The Wild was really difficult for me, so I had to really read the context around the word closely in order to figure out what the word meant. This means I had to pay very close attention to the word when reading it which was really difficult for me from time to time.

    When I was reading The Call of the Wild I was highlighting every single word I did not know which made it a little more difficult to read, but after the first couple chapters the word cunning popped up at least three times. Every single time I saw that  word I would highlight it, but every time it came up I had no idea what it meant even looking around the word and context. This made it so difficult to read when this word kept showing up and every time it did I had no clue what it meant making it so hard to read. The whole entire book was like this with words I didn’t even know how to pronounce which was frustrating to me. Reading this book was very difficult, hard, and frustrating for me. It was mostly difficult for me because I did not know what was happening in the book. I would read and highlight each chapter but then once finished I had no idea what I just read. Highlighting words I have not seen before made it take a little longer as well because I was reading the book off my tiny phone. But since I finished the book I feel better and more free because I don't have to worry about not being able to answer questions about the book.

    In my opinion I do not think The Call of the Wild is worth reading. I believe this because it's not worth going through all this frustration over a book with very difficult words in it. I would like to read an interesting book that I can follow and talk about in class.

Power of helping

The Power of helping 

The importance of helping

“The power of friendship will always be important to me”

~Colby Mara

    Helping people is extremely important in life. helping people and getting help from people will make you and the other person feel amazing. If someone is going through a tough time they will need help to make them feel better. By helping someone out they will really appreciate it and then it will make you feel even better that you’ve helped that person in need. One time I was feeling down was when I got a 62 percent on my math test. This happened because I studied the things I knew and not the things I struggled with. When I took a math test I studied all night long and felt very prepared for the test. After I took the test I realized I did not study the right way. I studied the stuff I knew and not the stuff that I struggled with. I knew right when I saw the first page of the test that this was going to be one of the most difficult tests I have taken. When I got the test back, I ended up getting a 62 percent. I felt very frustrated with myself that I did so badly on it. Luckily my Math teacher told me I could do test corrections to try and up my score a little bit. He told me we could get help from a friend, so I got help from one of my best friends, Tommy Doherty. Tommy helped me with every single question I got wrong and taught me how to do it. I really appreciated this and realized how powerful the power of helping really is. For me it didn’t matter I got a 62 percent on my math test, it mattered that I had friends willing to help me and that made me feel so much better. I am so grateful to have friends that want to help me because it makes me feel ten times better than I already am feeling. The power of friendship will always be important to me.