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Topical essay

Winter over Summer 

Winter is better than summer

~Colby Mara


There are a lot of differences between summer and winter, but winter is far more superior than summer. Summer is made for people who are lazy and want to sit around all day doing nothing. Everyone who likes summer more than winter does not want to work hard and achieve goals. Winter is for people who I work hard at school and want to succeed. Since there is school in winter you7 need to work hard if you want to succeed. There are great things you do in the winter like pond skating, skiing and snowboarding since there is snow on the ground, and lastly have epic snowball fights. Winter and summer are two very different seasons and have very different activities you can do due to the weather, and winter is the better season.


    Winter is a one of a kind season, you can do so many things in winter that you can't do in any other season. The best thing you can do in winter is to go pond skating outside on a pond. This is an electric experience because when you're skating and look through the pond and see the seaweed and grime at the bottom of the pond. Once you set up the nets and get your friends you can do a 3v3 pond hockey game. Tons of people love this because it says in https://www.samessenger.compond hockey tournaments draw crowds at St. Albans Bay Park”. The facts from this quote prove that everyone loves pond hockey games and they draw big crowds. There are pond hockey 3v3 tournaments everywhere and if you win you can get a prize. You can not do this in the summer because the frozen ponds will now be liquid with living creatures in it. In the summer it is hot so you can not go outside and skate, you would have to go to a rink if you want to skate.


    Whether you ski or go snowboarding, winter is the best season for that because it is the only season you can do that in. Since winter is the only season with snow, skiing and snowboarding is the season to do it. Skiing and snowboarding is amazing especially when there is fresh powder lying on the ground waiting for you. Almost everyone who lives in areas with snow has gone either skiing or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding is especially fantastic when you go with your friends because you can go off on your own and talk, race, get into a little bit of trouble, and it makes the experience so much more fun. If you can't ski or snowboard, and want to learn, it is easier to ski than snowboard. According to “Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master, snowboarding is harder to learn but you can master it more quickly”. The facts from this quote is that skiing is easier and snowboarding is harder to learn. You can not do this in summer because in the summer it is warm, so there is no snow on the ground.


    An incredible experience that you can do in the cold snowy winter is go outside, grab some rocks, wood, dead trees and limbs, and make a bonfire. This is a spectacular experience to do because watching the fire burn, the logs in the fire turn to ash, and the heat going against your face in the freezing cold feels great. Hearing the pine on the trees crackle in the fire and the cold wind blowing against your back is something you need to try. It says in'Tis the season of warm weather, high energy, and late nights spent with good friends. The best way to combine the three is, obviously, with a bonfire”.  The facts in this article proves that most people love having bonfires. You could do this in the summer but it will not compare to doing it in the winter because in the winter it is cold and snowy and in the summer it is hot.


Robert Frost once said “You can’t get too much winter in the winter”. Winter is an amazing season with great activities.