Topical essay
All Quiet on the Western Front

Chapter 6 & 7 : The Horrors of War

Paul is Damaged because of the War

~Colby Mara & Tommy Doherty

“I know the horrors of war; no gains can compensate for the losses it brings”

Adolf Hitler


      War physically and mentally damages you. The book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque the book explores the horrors of war and the consequences of war. Chapter six shows the action, the death, and the blood of war, meanwhile in chapter seven shows the consequences and emotions of war. In chapter 6 of all Quiet on the Western Front, Paul had to dig out of the hole that they were buried in because of all the bombardments. While digging out of the hole they were a lot calmer because they knew they were safe. “We are calmer because we have had something to do.” Chapter six highlights more action and the physical parts of war, likewise chapter seven highlights more of the consequences of war and everything Paul has lost. In the book, All Quiet On the Western Front Paul has PTSD from the war. Paul has to face the consequence of the war. All the death and blood he has seen has made Paul become a new man. “Why can I not put my head in your lap and weep? Why have I always been strong and self-controlled?” Even though chapter 6 was a lot of battle scenes and chapter 7 was about the horrors of the war they had some similarities but they also did have some differences. In chapter 6 Paul is on the front line fighting for his life however in chapter 7 Paul is back home and is reflecting on his time on the front line. A similarity between the two chapters was how there was war in both chapters. Even though Paul wasn’t phisical at the war in chapter 7 he was constantly thinking about the war. A difference between the 2 chapters was how in chapter 6 Paul was risking his life being on the front line and in chapter 7 Paul wasn’t at the front line. He was at his house where he felt a lot safer. In both chapters six and seven, the book shows the horrors of war but in different meanings and ways.



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Evren Khan

I like the image you used. I also liked the quotes you used because they were good for supporting the analysis after. Nice job.

Jacoby Garber

I like how you guys chose to do line quotes instead of block quotes; it was different from everyone else's! I believed that it is harder to use a line quote as analysis. There is less text to prove your theme and similarity or difference. But your line quotes are strong and prove your point quite well. Good Job!

Jake F.

Your quotes were a great choice for your theme. Your setups for those quotes are very well crafted and are so different from each other but they compliment the quotes and each other very well. Great Job!

Charlie Hood

This paragraph is great example of doing exactly what the directions say. It is concise, yet detailed when it should be. I found your line quotes refreshing after a night of block quote commenting! My favorite line from your paragraph follows: A similarity between the two chapters was how there was war in both chapters. Its a great bridge between two similar, yet different wars being fought. Great job Colby and Tommy!

Jacob Hershenow

I really like the unique root you took with writing this essay, your line quotes were a smart choice because they really went along with the overall flow of your paragraph. This is a very good piece of writing. Good Work

Thomas Doherty

Wow this is amazing we did so good. Really enjoyed reading the head and heart!

Zachary Zipoli

I liked your quote by Adolf Hitler and your photo was great. I liked the use of line quotes instead of block quotes. Nice work!

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