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Final All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

Dialogue story

“My leg”

“My arm”

“My back”

“Everything hurts”

“We slammed to the ground so hard”

“How did we even crash?”

“You’ve must’ve hit a rock”


“The sand can sometimes hide the objects underneath”

“Ya I couldn’t see because of the blinding sun”

“Well maybe you should’ve took the sunglasses that Jack offered you”

“I know but we are so low on money I didn’t want to spend it on those expensive sunglasses”

“Good point”

“Yah well maybe you should have told me there was a rock up ahead”

“Maybe you should have kept your eyes on the road”

“Alright bickering is not going to fix our problems, we have to think of a solution”


“What should we do”

“I don’t know why you can't figure it out. After all, you are the one who got us into this sticky situation.”

“Alright we have an extra wheel in the back”

“I don’t know how to put on a wheel. Do you?”

“Luckily I do”

“Well can you put it on then?”

“I can try but it won’t be pretty”

“Well try your best because the sun is starting to set”

“The wheel is on”

“Finally you did something good today.”

“Be quiet”

“Let’s get this thing back on the road”

“Sounds like a plan”

“I’m gonna drive this time”

“Good idea now let's hurry”

“…… Oh no”

“What’s wrong”

“The gas is low, did you leave the car running?”

“Only because it is scorching hot outside and I need the ac, we need to find a gas station”

“I can see one up ahead” 

“Ok, I only have 15 dollars left, that should be enough to get us back”

“Ok I don’t have any money”

“…..Maybe it was a good thing we didn’t buy the glasses then”


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The Fenn Voice

Great story--relatable and with a fine ironic twist at the end!

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