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Final All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

Final All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

Overcoming death

by Colby Mara & Jaxson Terry

Death is something one must overcome themself. In Chapter 11 of All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque Paul comes face to face with this when all his friends die., Paula has entered the war with all his friends, but now he has no one, All of his friends are now dead. Right before Muller died, Paul made sure that he gave Paul his pocket book and boots to remember him. Paul wears them to remember him as a friend and also because they fit him well. When Paul dies he will give them to tjaden, so that he can remember them.Before he died he handed over his pocket-book to me, and bequeathed me his boots--the same that he once inherited from Kemmerich. I wear them, for they fit me quite well. After me Tjaden will get them, I have promised them to him.”Müller is dead.” When Paul is on the front line being constantly bombarded and shot at by the English who have new equipment and fresh soldiers and are in much better shape than them, the Germans who have wounded soldiers returning to the front lines, Kat says  Germany ought to be empty soon and they have no equipment left the barrels are so worn and they shoot uncertainly. Paul and Kat assess the situation, all they can see is corroding, death. The only loss from death is you living while everyone around you dies.


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