Naritive Paragraph #3 (The Power of Hard Times)

How to Comeback From Losses



Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that'll be me.

~Steven Adler




        It’s how you deal with hard times that define you. Hard times shaped me in who I am today. Hardships can make or break how you react to tough situations. Hardships teach you a lot of things about yourself and can be a great trait if you can deal with it well. It was a chilly day in Cambridge Massachusetts, the dirt  on the BB&N field had turned into mud because of the dew. Overall it was hitting weather outside. It was the whole football team that showed up to the BB&N school in Cambridge. We were playing in a normal Fenn football game on a chilly Friday afternoon. BB&N was up early by a touch down but we responded with a touch down of our own. BB&N ended up tacking on a couple for touch downs to beat us in a 18-6 loss, but this wasn’t the end though. Because we had an under the lights game against our rivals, Fay. We ended up rallying together 18-12 in a win where we got our first win after three disappointing losses. It didn’t matter that we were on a three game losing streak, all that mattered is that we got the win, had fun and over came our hardship.

Naritive Paragraph #3 (Power of Place)

The Fenn School is My Favorite Place



Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

~Joseph Campbell


               Big white and green buildings filled with memories.Your favorite place is somewhere you can call home.The Fenn School has fulfilled my mind with many memories some good and some bad. The Fenn School has also filled my life with a bunch of friendships and hardships that my friends had helped me with and overcome.There are a numerous amount of teachers helping you out on homework that you don’t get. There are hundreds of lower schoolers and middle schoolers screaming in the halls making a commotion. All of this happens on the same campus. All of this happens because everyone cares about each other’s and everyone is friendly. It was a bright morning in Concord Massachusetts and I was a brand new fourth grader. I had no idea what was going on or what I was going to do but I knew that I was in the ILP so there would be 8 people in my class. But I had no idea how I would connect with these people or how nice they would be. But after about a week I felt comfortable talking to them. I felt they were my old friends from my other schools. Also Mrs.Star was a great teacher and really prepared us for middle school English. My favorite place is Fenn I can this home because it has family in it


The Call Of The Wild Literary Reflection

McCliff Metellus 

Literary Reflection 

Mr. Fitzsimons’s Class



The Primordial Beast Within


The greatest luxury is being free.”


~Manolo Blahnik


        Buck was a boring stay at home dog before he got dog napped. As buck was minding his own business he suddenly got kidnapped, swooped away from his boring stale life. Buck, the half St.bernard half sheep dog went on a strange adventure out in the wild and harsh world where he was able to let out his inner primordial beast. 


           Letting out your inner primordial beast is key to being free. In the book, The Call of The Wild, by Jack London the main character, Buck which is a dog that gets abused by his kidnapper and goes on a journey in the very wild world. What i think Jack London is trying to do is to show how animals adapt to different situations and lifestyle. Bucks lifestyle changes by force as he was dog napped but Buck did adapt to his surroundings in a really quick and proper manner. This book really showed you how people do what every it take to better themselves. Jack London in the first couple pages in the book shows how harsh reality plays a role into everyday life. He also shows how lettering out your inner primordial beast can truly set you free. In chapter one Jack London describes how Buck was dog napped and was sold in a transaction. Buck was locked up and couldn’t do anything. The man in the red coat ended the deal and opened the crate in which Buck jumper out and attacked the man with the red sweater.


Three days passed, by which time Buck and his mates found how really tired and weak they were. Then, on the morning of the fourth day, two men from the States came along and bought them, harness and all, for a song. The men addressed each other as "Hal" and "Charles." Charles was a middle-aged, lightish-colored man, with weak and watery eyes and a mustache that twisted fiercely and vigorously up, giving the lie to the limply drooping lip it concealed [The Call of The Wild, Chapter VII]


        The harsh reality is such an important theme in The Call of The Wild. Buck goes from a lazy dog that does noting into a hard working sled dog that is suffering.The harsh reality of the world cause this to happen, Buck was just at the wrong place at  the wrong time. In the first part of the book it showed how there was a gold rush at the time and people needed sled dogs. Buck then proceeded to get dog napped from judge Millers house and got sold off to a random guy. This all came from the scarcity of one thing and the need for another. If anyone sees a opportunity to make money they will capitalize, especially when it is as rare and expensive as a sled dog. 


          The harsh reality of the world can cause people to do uncharacteristic things. Harsh reality can be the most cruel and crazy things someone can witness. To survive buck needed to use his primal instincts.


Primal instincts is something we all have to unleash at some point in our lives. In the book The Call of The Wild, by Jack London, Buck goes from living a list life at judge Millers house to a a tireless, strong and relentless wild beast that has to use his primal instincts just to survive. This Process started in a big estate in California and finished in the cold Canadian wilderness miles upon miles away from where they started. This book really showed the reader that one of the only ways you can survive in the wilderness is to unleash your inner primordial beast. Jack London also shows the reader the harsh living conditions of the sled dogs and how the sled dogs were forced to live and go through hell every single day.


It was a hard trip, with the mail behind them, and the heavy work wore them down. They were short of weight and in poor condition when they made Dawson, and should have had a ten days' or a week's rest at least. But in two days' time they dropped down the Yukon bank from the Barracks, loaded with letters for the outside. The dogs were tired, the drivers grumbling, and to make matters worse, it snowed every day. This meant a soft trail, greater friction on the runners, and heavier pulling for the dogs; yet the drivers were fair through it all, and did their best for the animals. [The Call of the Wild, Chapter V]


Primordial beast is a really important theme in this book, Jack London made this theme so relevant by referring back to it multiple times.


        I really don’t think this piece of writing affected me at all, I could see this book being a better read at a younger age but with less complicated words. Overall this book and the storyline is decent a best but could be better. It was a little bit too complicated and used a lot of unnecessary big words at times. I like reading books and knowing what is going on and knowing most of the words. In my opinion I don’t like books that I have to solve a whole mystery. This book made me feel confused sometimes with all the words used but overall I think this challenges my vocabulary and helped me as a reader how to understand and actively a book. This book did have a good meaning and a very good plot of the harsh reality of the world but overall this book was not for me. This book also made me realize that the quote “desperate times calls fore desperate measures” is a true quote.


       Following what is within key to getting what you want. This book makes you wonder what would happen if Buck was living his boring normal life. This book took you on an adventure and thought me a great deal of life lessons which makes it a worth while read.

Naritive Paragraph #1

Only Older Brother

Brother and sister,together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends.

~Robert Brualt




             Learings from an older brother. The main people that you depend upon are family. It was my brother that i went to when I was a scared 2nd grader when I was all alone in my class and had nothing to do. I knew my brother was a couple feet away from me to comfort me when I was feeling down at no other time in my life when I was scared and had no friends to talk too. My brother was always my best friend. It was a boring normal day in kindergarten and my mom mixed up the lunch boxes and my brother had my lunch box and I had his .It was a normal day in kindergarten and I went to look at my lunch box and it was my brothers. I didn’t know what to do at the time so I went to go find him. It didn’t matter whether my mom mixed up my lunch or if I cried to my brother asking for my lunch back or even being confused or not knowing what to do. The matter of the fact was that my brother was there to comfort me.

Dialogue Story

Scared into Oblivion 

~Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.

John Wayne 



“Hey, did you hear something loud last night?”


“Yeah, I woke up late to see what was happening, all I saw was a bright light shinning through my windows.”


“Yeah, I saw that too it blinded me what happend?”


“Don’t know, lets text our friends and see what they encountered.”


“I couldn’t i text them I think my phone is dead.”


“I’ll try, I charged mine yesterday… It is dead, I’m sure that I have charged my phone.”


“I wonder why, let’s go outside!”


“We should try to use the pay phones to contacts our friends.”


“Great idea but will it work?”


“We’ll try, You have any quarters with you?”


“Yeah, I only have three on me right now though.”


“Well, no one is answering.”


“Did you try calling Mom and Dad?”


“Yeah, I mean, it’s not working.”


“Let’s go over to the park and see what’s happening.”


“Man, it’s a long walk to the park.”


“Let me check my phone i think it’s only a mile walk. Oh wait.”


“Yeah, your phones not working.”


“It’s really quiet outside, where is all the people?”


“There used to be a lot of people around this time. Oh, the park is right there, let’s check it out.”


“I think I see someone, let’s ask them what happend.”


“Damn it, there are no real people, it’s just a balloon.”


“Oh my god, what the heck man, i really thought that was a human.”


“I don’t see anyone around, it is kind of creeping me out.”


“Same here, let’s walk back home this is giving me weird vibes.”


“Yeah, the red balloons are giving me noxious feelings.”


“I could have sworn I saw something.”

“Let’s keep walking, it should be better if we get home.”


“Yeah we have to get back home for lunch anyway”


“Who’s cooking? Not me.”


“I think Mom is, I’m not sure.”


“You see that poster for Halloween? That clown looks scary.”


“Yeah, that clown in the picture looks familiar.”


“It’s getting cold, and it’s becoming dark soon, wish we could get back before it gets dark.”


“I didn’t even bring a sweatshirt outside. I didn’t know we would be outside so long.”


“Lets really keep moving. Something might really happen.”


“We really need to start running!”


“I feel something behind us, it’s giving me bad feelings.”


“Don’t look back just keep on running your fastest.”


“Oh my god, this is not good, it is really getting dark.”


“Ouch, I slipped on a curb. Just run! Leave me here.”


“No, I am not leaving you here.”


“Trust me, just leave me here to die.”


“Wait, I don’t see anything…”


“Oh wait, OH NOOOOOOOO!”

“That’s all I know. A hand coming out from the sewer, and pulled him down.”

Valuble Time

Finding Free Time



“Time you enjoy is not wasted time”

~ John Lennon


      Summer is freedom exploring all a Framingham was fantastic and super fascinating. Walking to the the gym in the blazing heat everyday was a very weird experience. Playing video games and interacting with friends was also one of the major highlights of my summer. Summer shouldn’t be taken for granted it is one my only free times and fun times.

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By:Mccliff Metellus




The best revenge is to unlike him who performed the injury.

~Marcus Aurelius

It was a dark day Waltham Massachusetts the wind was whistling and I could hear the small raindrops hit the window. I had just closed my reading book and the teacher told everyone to into the hall. In a line we followed our teach in the long empty hallway. 20 kids in my class stood anxiously waiting on what was going to happen I was with my third grade whole class in the middle of the school we were surrounded by big brick walls and  a huge glass window at the end of the hallway. My 3rd grade English teacher said, “We are going to play this game we just read about.”

She told Nick that he was going to be the the person who was It. We all scrambled to get away from him. If I were tagged that means I’m out of the game until the next round starts.5 kids were tagged and were out before I did. Trying to let other people get tagged before me was the hardest part because I had to run long enough so Nick could get distracted and chase someone else. When I was running around I wasn’t looking in front of me and I wasn’t paying attention. All of the sudden I felt a sharp pain on my right middle finger OUCH! I yelled. I had run into a solid brick wall.


I ran over to the teacher holding my finger as the kids kept playing the game.the teacher thought something was seriously wrong with me and them sent me to the nurse. Walking to the nurse I couldn’t bend my finger what so ever and I thought I just jammed it. But when I sat down my finger started to get swollen. What the nurse asked was what is your parents names? Then she came over and looked at my finger then said “can you bend your finger?” I tried to but it hurt too much for me to bend it all the way.she decided that it may have been broken so she called up my mom to get me to drive me to the hospital to get x-rays. Then she gave me ice.


My mom came to pick me up after 10 minutes of the phone call and she wasted absolutely no time getting in the car and driving to the hospital.We waited in the emergency room for about 30 minutes to get x-rays. I remember this so well because this is the first ever time I ever gotten seriously hurt. The last couple times I went to the hospital and it wasn’t for me. When I walked into the emergency room my mom said to the people at the front desk what was wrong with me. While my mom was doing that I sat down in the waiting room until the doctor yelled my name to come in. They first walked me into a room to take tests on my finger see which ways I could bend it. I started to bend my finger slowly in each direction but every time I did I felt excruciating pain. After all that pain we walked to a room down the hall to the x-ray room. The x- ray machine looked like a big tunnel and you had to lay in it  and this tunnel goes up and down your body like a scanner. The x-rays came out and it turns out I broke my middle finger.


A life lesson I learned from this mistake is that you should always watch where you are going and to always stay focused.


Leadership camp


Learning to Become a “Leader”


Management is doing this right; leadership is doing the right things. 

~Peter F. Drucker



           Being a leader persists of all of Fenn’s four core values Honesty, Respect,Empathy and Courage. This trip to New Hampshire really defined us as a class. Camp Belknap forced us as a class to become closer to each other and also forced us to become more of a leader in the Fenn School. This Camp will not only teach things that I can apply to school life but outside of school also.


       This trip was about the whole 9th grade class and bringing everyone together. Since close to half of grade got split from the 8th to 9th grade transition. With less students means that everyone is closer together and we all get to know each other on a more personal level. It is intriguing how interesting some of the kids in the ninth grade are, and to think that some of them I’ve know for over 5 years is weird. This trip was one of the best chances I had to connect with some people I couldn’t thought all my years at Fenn. There is also a new kid in the ninth grade named Steven, he is connecting really well with the ninth grade. I got to talk to him a lot during the trip and I also got to connect with him a bunch while playing ping pong over at Belknap.


          Camp Belknap was just a trip for bonding and leadership, it was also a trip to have fun. 9th grade year can be stressful and aggravating at times with secondary schools coming into play. During the trip it felt that there was a lot of free time to roam around and play games with your closest friends. Unlike real life there isn’t the same amount of play time as there is work/serious time. This was my favorite feature of the trip because unlike other trips like in the 5th and 7th grade that had more bonding exercises.


         Leadership Was one of the main focuses of this whole trip. Throughout the whole camp we had leadership exercises. One of them was we had to stand next to what best describes us as a leader and then say why, to tell more about what we are like as a leader. Another attribute of the leadership at Belknap was before every lunch one of the Cabin leaders gave a speech of what it meant to be a leader. Alot of them were very well done and professional. Although all of this did have meaning there was one negative. The one negative takeaway I have from these leadership exercises was that they tried to shove this whole “Leadership” theme down our throats. For example if we did something horribly wrong the counselors and teachers would have said “You guys are supposed to be leaders of the school.” I think this part of the trip was really the only downfall. This part was what made the trip less fun for the kids.


         Over the weekend I have had a lot of time to think about the meaning and reasoning for this trip. I came away with how to become leader and all the essential stuff, but the major key I took away from this is don’t take the 9th grade for granted, because it could go away at the blink of an eye.