Moitoso: Final Analysis

Final Analysis 


Death and Brutality are what Makes the War a War


        The brutality of war will leave scars, either physical, mental or just enough for death. Death may be the only escape for some when it comes to how brutal and violent and mentally scarring war can be. All Quiet on the Western Front shows that death might only be found as an escape when it comes. The death within the book showed a clear image of the horrible and awful meanings of war. The following descriptions of the book speak about the real meaning of the brutality of war and the death that comes with it and explores the themes in such a way that describes All Quiet on the Western Front as one of the most violent war novels ever created, although it shows you descriptive and real meanings of war.


        Death becomesmay become a second nature for some, while others think it is an escape. In war watching death occur at the fault of your own hands may change the way you think about death. In All Quiet on the Western Front, death has an  effect on everyone in the war. It is a sad factor in the book that shows the way we think about it even when it is just shown in words on a page. In All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul Baumer dies at the end of the novel. His face shows the realization that death is the only way out of the war and it also shows it is the only way to achieve peace. 


He had fallen forward and lay on the earth as though sleeping. Turning him over one saw that he could not have suffered long; his face had an expression of calm, as though almost glad the end had come. [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 12, Page 296


“Why don't they tell us your mothers are just as anxious as ours, and that we have the same fear of death, and the same dying and the same agony.” [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 9, Page 220] Death in the book is like an escape for most soldiers. Paul happens to have his entire group killed and realizes this. He found that death was the only escape for him and realized the same for his group. “All is as usual. Only the militiaman stansislaus Katczinsky has died”. [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 11, Page 291]. It was clear that Kat seemed to be their savior and when Paul realizes he is dead then he loses all hope. “The eyes were already sunken in. In a couple hours it will be over.” [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 1, Page 14] Paul speaks in regards to Franz who was the first among them to fall, this changes everything for him. The war they fought didn’t make them realize how death was their only option until they faced it. Some took it as a gift while others took it as torture, as either way it was truly their only escape.


         Some things can be physically brutal while others have a brutal impact mentally. War shows brutality as there is fighting and violence, but you will also never get over the things you see. In All Quiet on the Western Front all the soldiers have to face the brutality of war. They are all brutally impacted in different ways, either mentally or physically. Paul Baumer has to constantly face the brutality of the war. He talks about the first time he had to face brutality of war. He realizes how horrible it was for all of them. 


We're no longer young men. We've lost any desire to conquer the world. We are refugees. We are fleeing from ourselves. From our lives. [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 5, Page 87]


“Bombardment, barrage, curtain-fire, mines, gas, tanks, machine-guns, hand-grenades - words, words, but they hold the horror of the world.” [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 6, Page 150] Paul explains how the war has really impacted or brutally ruined everything for them. Paul blames this on the war because they never would have been this way without it. “I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow.” [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 5, Page 88] Paul explains in his short life that he never got to know anything about life except for brutal things in war like death. “We were eighteen and had begun to love life and the world; and we had to shoot it to pieces.” [All Quiet on the Western Front, Chapter 5, Page 87] Paul is clearly scared as he is young and just starting to look at the world and now he has to brutally destroy it with war. 

Brutality of war has hurt everyone who has faced it. It has truly shown an impact in changing a man physically and mentally as they go through the brutality of war.


~Braeden Moitoso


Fenn Baseball

These past couple of weeks baseball season for AAU has started. I’ve played for the same AAU team for the past four years and it started to get me to think about how I never got to play Fenn baseball. Applying into Fenn, I had looked forward to playing baseball at Fenn as it was mentioned a lot when I brought up that I played. Yet I never got to. Covid has really changed a lot over the past year for everyone. We still have yet to get through it but unfortunately by that time, it will be too late. As unfortunate as it is, it’s just another one of the things that Covid has changed. You can’t miss what you never had, I just feel like it was bad luck. I also look back on it seeing that I never had a full normal year at Fenn. I am happy with the time I had here, but I can only really imagine a normal year at Fenn. Baseball has been a big part of my life, but school is even bigger. For the first time I thought I was going to be able to combine them both but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Although I will still have the opportunity to play baseball for a school I go to, I have spent two years at Fenn and not once did I ever get to play baseball. I walk out of Fenn for the last time in four weeks, and I leave with that memory, and a lesson of never taking anything for granted.

The Power of Diversity

~Braeden Moitoso

Realize it’s not just one thing

Diversity is not how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.
~Ola Joseph


         I grew up to the age I am today with memories of my old school and my friends. Growing up in that school, there weren't really any serious talks about modern day issues. It was like we were blocked out from everything else that were real issues outside of the classroom. As I got older I started to learn these things on my own. Like racial issues and political viewpoints. Although I knew what was happening, sometimes I didn’t want to. So I didn’t and I would just sit back and slack off with my friends. By the end of my fifth grade year I remember going into summer excited. I had been with my friends at camp for 8 weeks and it was fun and I was just living life easy. One day a friend of mine named Max had mentioned Fenn to me. Although I knew what it was, I purely had no interest but he managed to convince me to apply. So my family took a trip to Portugal at the end of the summer and I asked them if I could go to Fenn. They said we would apply and I spent 6th grade in an application process. I had got in and decided to go. That’s when I noticed a huge change in school.


The outside problems were suddenly brought in and diversity was brought to the table. When it was I had immediately thought to race. Although I knew that this was a part of diversity, I thought it was the only thing. I thought that was the meaning of diversity. I thought about all the white kids and how there weren’t many Asian or Hispanic or black kids at all. I thought about this because I was told before that the school was diverse. I thought like this throughout the year and I learned that people that were a part of the lgbtq community were also diverse but I thought that there weren’t many kids in the lgbtq community here either. So I still didn’t understand why they said the school was diverse.


It took me a while to actually realize what this word meant. The word diversity meant nothing but different to me. One day I had a realization and time froze. My mouth was dry and I just thought about it for a minute. In that minute I had realized diversity didn’t mean race or sexual orientation only. I didn’t even mean different anymore. It meant unique. I realized everyone at Fenn had their own unique thing about them. Mentally and physically we were all different. If everyone was the same there would be no point in anything.


The meaning of diversity had to do with how we were unique. It shows us how special diversity is to every one of us. All of us have different things about us that make us special. I made the mistake of thinking diversity meant something different than what it actually is and that we should include everyone no matter how different they are from us. 


So, we look back at diversity as something that not only means including others that are a different race or if they have a different sexual orientation, but as something that includes all of us as we are all unique.

Remembering a Thing

Remembering a Thing

My first baseball bat


Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and see that they were the big things.


My first hit is one that I will never forget. It was my first time up at the plate. Dirt was getting kicked up and baseballs kept getting dirtier by the minute. I was standing on the left side of home plate with my bat a foot over my head. It was like it played out in slow motion. The ball slowly started heading towards me as the bat started to move and in a second time froze when they connected. But once they touched the ball went soaring into the sky. Over the second baseman, right to the center fielder. He missed the catch but I was too out of breath to notice and then I realized I had just had my first hit.

The bat still lays in my garage today. Every month there would be a new scratch or more paint falling off. It also had a huge dent in the middle of the barrel. In its hollow body along with steel was a passion for baseball that I had put there. No matter how long it sat in my garage it would always have that passion. Looking at the rust on the bat you would think how long it has been encrusted into it or how it even got there in the first place. But every piece of that bat had a memory,  good or bad.


I was always in a good mood with that bat in my hands. There was never a dull moment with it. Even if I missed the ball or had a bad hit, I knew that bat would always make me feel better about it. The feel of the rubber against the skin on my hands made me feel comfortable. Always being in a good mood in baseball was an advantage because you were always able to come back from whatever knocked you down. And that’s exactly what the bat made me do.


I remember having the smallest bat at practice. Everyone else had moved on to 25 inches or 26 inches but I was the kid who still had the 24 inch bat. It was embarrassing to see that with every swing everyone else had it was a lone drive but mine were just little ground balls. It was never easy being that one kid with the short, steel, blue and silver bat but I made it work for as long as I could because I like that bat a lot. It always reminded me about how good I was when I first started playing and I will never forget about it.


Getting a new bat wasn’t easy. The sun was shining over the sand and shining on the metal on my bat. I had taken a big swing at an outside pitch and hit the direct center of the bat. It felt weird but I didn’t pay attention to the feeling. And when I got back to get my bat it had a huge dent in it. At this moment I realized I had to get a new one. It was weird to think about at first because I had used that bat for five years but now it was time to move on.


We all have a special thing in life that brings back a memory or two. What we don’t realize is the amount of time we have with it before it’s gone. I will always remember that bat as the memory’s it has encrusted will always stay there in spirit.



Remembering a Friend

Remembering a Friend

Max was always someone to turn to


Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them
~Anna Taylor


I’ll never forget the first time Max and I met. I was walking down the hill that I always went to camp on. The leaves were wet, the grass was tall and most of the branches were snapped. He was much shorter than he is now and always had a smile on his face. As soon as I got down to the camp he walked up to me, shook my hand and said “Hello, I’m Max.” From that moment on I knew we were going to be friends. We talked for the rest of the day about our age or how good we were at swimming in that big 25 yard pool.  

Max and I never argued. We had enough in common that we never needed too. It was just hard to. It was like we knew what we were going to say and started nodding our heads before it was even said. Agreements, in my opinion, always make a good and healthy  friendship and that’s what me and Max had. At that point it was just me and him. Trouble we got into always settled on an agreement on how we would deal with it. Max and I were always the words over actions kind of friends.


Max and I had the same interests. We both wanted to come to Fenn and we both really liked to fish. Unfortunately Max didn’t get into Fenn but I did and that’s when we slowly started to part. In our time together we loved to fish. At camp we had a fishing club where we would fish for hours on end as the tide of the pond started  slowly moving up the sand and hit our toes. 


I’ve known Max for ten years. Knowing someone for that long can be a weird experience because you really get to know them. I knew Max was someone who wanted respect based on if someone agreed with what he was saying. It had always been like this because that’s just who Max was. But he was also a really genuine and kind person. He’s been that way all ten years and even when we have our ups and downs, he is still selfless and wants to help with the issue.


Max had moved away. Over the summer I had gotten a call from Max. His calm voice made it seem like just a check in to see how I was doing. It wasn’t, Max was calling about moving. He had said that he didn’t know how to tell me. He said that it might have come as a shock. He was moving and I might never see him again. I asked him why and if he was still in the state. Apparently he was moving to Rhode Island and this would be the last time I would talk to him for a long time. I didn’t take the news well. It kept me up at night and I kept telling myself not to believe it. Thoughts danced around my head like devils around fires. It came to my realization that I might not have spent enough time with Max and if this was really the end then I would regret it forever. I soon got over but I still dread it to this day that I might not see him ever again.


Max was a good friend. Max all in all was just a good friend to have. He knew when you were upset or angry. That’s what a good friend does. Spend as much time as you can with someone you care about because in so short of time they could be gone and faded away forever. 

The Power of Family

The Power of Family

People that will always be there


“Family like branches on trees will grow in all different directions but will always stay rooted together” -Anonymous 


        When there is nowhere else to go, you can always turn to family. Family helped me get back up when I was down. It was about a year ago. Coming into the Fenn school was exciting yet nerve racking and it was hard knowing where nothing was. It also took a long time to make friends. Coming home every day to the same question which was, have you made any friends yet, made me feel down. When my family started noticing they talked me back up and it ended up helping. Family can make you feel in power. Whether you're happy or sad they can always do it because they are always there for you. It’s just a happy feeling knowing that someone is always going to be there no matter where you are or what you are doing.

They will always love you. Love from family is something everyone needs. They need love to know that they are important to someone. They need someone that will always give them an answer to every question they ask no matter what the question is. All they need is just a little love from family.

A father and mother are always the ones who will do this the most. They will give you all the love you need to keep your head up every day and keep smiling. They will be helpful no matter what you are dealing with.

All in all it is family who we turn to when we need someone the most.


The Power of Hard Times

The Power of Hard Times

Hard times are a chance to learn to persevere and move on.


We must accept we will always face infinite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope

-Martin Luther King


Hard times are a chance to learn the way of perseverance. Perseverance Helps us keep going and moving no matter what has happened. Hard times are a good way to learn how to persevere because of maybe a loss of a pet or family member. Those times are hard to get through especially when they are that close. Perseverance can be used in this way to stay strong in times like these. Perseverance of hope is power in every way and hard times are just a learning experience.


When I had first heard the news of my dog dying I was upset and hurt for many days. I remember going to cano that day not wanting to say anything to anyone at all, I was too sad to. I didn’t want to talk about it and I stayed home for the next couple of days. Although it was very sad I found a way to persevere and pull myself out of the hole I had dug and get back to myself again as hard as it was. It wasn’t easy but I managed to do it. I managed to convince myself and stay strong and persevere. 


Perseverance has helped me and us all before through hard times. Even if we feel like it will never end it will eventually. It just takes time to figure it out. To persevere we must figure out how after a hard time because we forget how. 


So, hard times teach us a very good life lesson and lead us through the door of perseverance.



During the assignment I felt like I really had the time to reflect on my own personal experience and look back at how my theme really tied in with me personally. I think some of the words and sentences I had were a little bland but I feel like I clearly showed my theme throughout the entire paragraph and because of that it was easy to understand. The assignment was easier to do than some of the others because the rubric was easy to understand and it was really helpful.  Overall the assignment was a good learning experience for me and I hope to do more assignments like this.

Fitz Style Journal Entry

The Importance of Challenges

Challenges are the Fuel we Use to Complete Tasks at Hand


Applying for schools has been challenging and stressful for me but the challenges i’ve overcome during this process might be the reason i’m stressed about decisions.

The beginning of this process was not fun and it was rather dull. At that point I could care less about what I got on my SSAT or what school I was applying for, but I still kept going. I had thought I was going to public school, but after looking at the private schools I was applying for, I had changed my mind. 

We can’t get anywhere without challenges in our way.  The first challenge that came in front of me was the essays. The essays were all different for all different schools. There were questions or just essays on stuff they wanted to know about me. The questions were  challenging yet important. The essays were never easy either but making time for them was even harder. Procrastinating wasn’t possible but without these challenges, it would have been impossible to finish and submit a good essay without these challenges. 

As we are here on this day, the day of the decisions for every school I had applied for, I reflect on everything I could have done better or what I could have said at my interviews to make my chances better but all that didn’t matter now and yet I can’t stop thinking about it. As we approach the final hours of when the decisions come in, I am stressed, I am excited and I am scared. 

Although I know these challenges have made me realize how much I needed them to shape my applying methods towards the schools. These challenges have helped me realize more than anything that they are needed to achieve the tasks at hand.

So as I sit here at my desk typing away, I address my thoughts as I wait for the final outcome of the hard work, I won’t forget the challenges that brought me here.

History of Britain

History of Britain

An Interesting Way of Showing History

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

~Theodore Roosevelt

History seems so real under the influence of intelligence. History on a personal level is just stories past along for what could be centuries. Some might say there is no evidence for these events. Although personally, it feels like it is easy to believe under the words of intelligent people. Well this video takes an entirely different approach and yet still describes it so clearly and well that it is still believable under the words of someone who has been studying history their entire lives.

The video is based on when Britain was first created, thousands of years ago. It talks about Britain being apart of the United Kingdom. It talks about how they discovered and tried to conquer other nations  how they regularly lived day to day. The description is brief, yet as accurate as it can get.

This video really showed me that you don’t need to talk like a smart person to be a smart person. This brief description described the history of Britain very well even though it doesn’t seem like the video is coming from a super intelligent person.

This video was left off leaving me with information I had never even thought about before, it’s truly amazing how something so brief can give you such a huge amount of information.


Description of the classroom

When coming up with things to write for my blog, it’s frustrating because I have no clue what to write about, so I’m just going to describe everything I see in this classroom.  When I first look up I see a tv at the front of the room. Behind me are desks and chairs and my classmates sitting in them.  Turning towards the walls I see guitars, banjos and mandolins hanging off hooks, below that is a WiFi router thing which isn’t helping with the WiFi at all and below that are just empty outlets.  More towards the corner of the room there is a chair and it sits right next to the window which bleeds in light across the room.  Across from that is a small room that is usually occupied by one or two people and more guitars.  Next to the door is a sign that says commas save lives. It shows this by using the sentence, Lets eat grandma instead of, Let’s eat, Grandma.  Near that sign is a door to the stairs we use to get into the classroom and above is a sign that says exit. Further along the wall, there is another door in another room that is also occupied by guitars.  In the other corner of the room there are some wood planks, a recycle bin and a trash can. Next to that there is another door which has a sign saying exit above it. Finally, next to that is a whiteboard filled with random and weird things. That’s pretty much the entire description of the room I’m in.