Final chapters Metacognition

After the completion of chapter 11 and 12 I was left being forced to think. What my brain went to was whether or not it was a good ending or not. I feel like there are a few things that make the ending really good and a few that don’t make it so bad. I’m kind of conflicted on how I feel about the ending. The fact that all of Paul’s friends and Paul died really expresses how bad WWI actually was. But on the other hand I feel like it would have been a better ending if maybe Paul survived but all of his friends didn’t. Obviously the author had a reason to make the ending so dark and poignant. My guess would be that he did that because if everyone survived then it would have given the reader a wrong idea about World War I. It would put the idea in the readers mind that not many people died in the war and it really wasn’t that tragic.

Free write


I don’t like the bus

It’s way to early for me

Please get me off it


On the bus I write

I don’t enjoy to do that

Can someone help me


Getting off the bus

It really does feels so great

But then I have school


Chapter 8 partner literary analysis

War is waged by humans and dehumanized by humans. In the book All Quiet On the Western Front, Chapter eight, the Russian prisoners are treated horribly and unfairly. The Russians are war prisoners and the German soldiers can watch them through a fence. They are extremely malnourished because they don’t get fed enough and are not treated well. Everyday Paul sees more dying and getting buried because of this. In the first couple of days when Paul arrived at his new training he saw how little food they had and how unfairly treated they were. Over the next couple of days he started talking with some of the of Russians and even shared some of his food and cigars. 


“They have dysentery; furtively many of them display the blood-stained tails of their shirts. Their backs, their necks are bent, their knees sag, their heads droop as they stretch out their hands and beg in the few words of German that they know—beg with those soft, deep, musical voices, that are like warm stoves and cosy rooms at home.”


All Quiet On the Western Front Chapter VIII


These Russians are treated so badly that they literally die. All they would really need is to have a bit more food so that they could survive. But alas the leaders obviously don’t care enough and do not even give them enough food to survive. Since the Russians are going to be prisoners for a while maybe they should at least make their life a bit less miserable. They have to do labor and don’t get enough food to even live so it’s really just cruel. In this chapter Paul truly experiences the horror of modern war.

Chapter 8 Metacognition

     The main theme in this chapter is probably “the horrors of modern war”. Most of the chapter is about the Russians war prisoners that Paul watches. They are all extremely malnourished and not treated well at all. The Germans will trade very little of their food for boots and good that the Russians have. If the Russians don’t agree the Germans will just slowly smell the bread and food and eat it until the Russians finally cant take it anymore and they do the trade. They are all miserable and hungry and the Germans just make it worse. Even the Germans don’t get much food. They obviously get a lot more food than the Russians but when they get food it’s both not a lot and not very good. Even though the Russians are prisoners it’s not excuse to treat them like they are not humans. I feel they should get more food and nutrients because in the chapter it literally talks about how every day Paul sees one or two of the Russians being buried. In this war there are so many terrible things going on I wouldn’t even be able to imagine seeing all of those things with my own eyes.




“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heat, true friends never part” -unknown

     Small things cant break big friendships. In my strongest friendship we fight and prank each other all the time, but that has never teared us down. When I’m hanging out with my friend Sophia, whether it is on FaceTime, at the bus circle before school, or I just invited myself into her house because I was bored, we will have miny bickers. Most of the time it’s just making jokes like “your the worst” or “i hate you”. Because we have such a strong friendship, we are able to make jokes like that without it ruining the friendship. We we’re just chilling on FaceTime and we were sharing little kid photos and no one was really talking anymore. So I got to thinking.... how can I have some fun and make it so it’s not silent anymore. Then I remembered that she is constantly prankimg me. So I decided I would get her back. I told her that i had a hilarious photo of her as a little kid that her mom gave me as a joke. I told her I was going to send it to her and then all of a sudden I said “oh my god oh my god, shoot, Sophia I’m so sorry... I accidentally just sent that photo school group 7 (the Fenn 8th grade group chat)”the conversation went on for a pretty long time but I told her that all the kids were starting to make fun of her and how sorry I was. I asked her multiple times what i could do to make it up. I was pretty convincing if I do say so myself. As soon as I realized that it probably had gone on for to long I yelled “YOU JUST GOT PRANKED”. I know that if a friendship wasn’t very strong, that could have ended it. If it was a new friend I had just recently met, I wouldn’t of had enough time to feel out if they can take jokes. Since me and her are so close, I know that she can take jokes like that and that by me doing that i won’t lose her trust, or her friendship. Having a strong friendship doesn’t just mean having someone you can trust with telling everything, it means you can joke around and bicker without the fear of it ruining the friendship.

Chapter 6 literary reflection paragraph

How chapter 6 makes me feel


“I like books that make me cry not because they make me sad but because they make me feel” -unknown



good writer makes you think, a great writer makes you feel. Reading the descriptions that the author of All Quiet On The Western Front gives, make me feel like I am right there seeing those disgusting sights. Reading chapter six of All Quiet On The Western Front made me feel like I was right there looking at those morbid sights. When the author is telling this story he isn’t simply trying to make you think, he is trying to make you feel. He knows that by giving this extremely detailed writing, he is making us feel like we are looking right at the armless man in front of us. Chapter six in this book tells the story of a huge battle in WWI on the Western Front. The chapter starts with the Germans in a dugout. They are fighting the French in a cruel battle. The french are bombing all the trenches and lots of them are being destroyed. Then once the bombing stops they come in for an attack. The aftermath is very bad. There are so many soldiers just lying there. Some without heads, some without legs.


“We see men living with their skulls blown open; we see soldiers run with their two feet cut off, they stagger on their splintered stumps into the next shell-hole; a lance-corporal crawls a mile and a half on his hands dragging his smashed knee after him; another goes to the dressing station and over his clasped hands bulge his intestines; we see men without mouths, without jaws, without faces; we find one man who has held the artery of his arm in his teeth for two hours in order not to bleed to death.”


Reading this chapter made me feel like I was right there. It is crazy that this writing is so good that i become immersed into this story. Immersed into this battle. Im in this battle. Im watching this battle. Im seeing these wounded soldiers. Im not just thinking like I’m there. I’m feeling like I’m there. It was nice to read this chapter, not because of all the gross things in it, but because it was the chapter that actually made put me in the story and was the first chapter that I actually felt like I was there.

Chapter 3 socratic seminar


    I think that something good to talk about in class could be the food. One of the topics in this chapter was the bad food and this guy knew where to get the good food. This could be something good to talk about because even though it’s expensive and there are so many people, there has to be some way to get everyone better food. I don't know what it was like back when this book was written but right now Germany’s budget for the military is $49 billion. That’s a lot of money. That makes me think that even back then they should have enough money to take a little bit of it out for better food. These people are working so hard and risking their lives and they should have some better food to make it at least a little more pleasant. Also, so many of these people were forced into it. They had to leave their homes, their families, and good food. If you are going to force people into the military the LEAST you could do is to give them some good food to maybe make their time more pleasant.

Chapter four group literary analysis

Group Reflection On Chapter Four

By Parker, Sam, and Denny

0C91AF1A-D132-4BB3-BBDE-761FAA4CA90CGrief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of  joy you must have somebody to divide it with.”

Everybody deals with pain and loss, it is those around us that give us comfort. In the book, All Quiet On The Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, the soldiers face a lot of pain and loss during the war. They have to be there for each other and look out for one another. In the story there are a multitude of moments where someone needs help and receives it. There are also a few moments where someone is in pain and someone supports them and tries to help. It was on the battlefield, bomb shells were flying and soldiers were dying left and right. There were men scrambling for their lives, running towards shell holes and jumping in them, after all, a bomb never hits the same spot twice.  The explosions and gun fire were lessening as injured soldiers laid down in shelters. All of a sudden there was something, not bombs or gun fire “GAAAS- GAS” soldiers shouted from alI angles.

“I look at Kat desperately, he has his mask on—I pull out mine, too, my helmet falls to one side, it slips over my face, I reach the man, his satchel is on the side nearest me, I seize the mask, pull it over his head, he understands, I let go and with a jump drop into the shell-hole.”

They were in the middle of a war. He could have just left the guy there and not help him, but instead he went out of his way to help out his comrade and put a gas mask on him. There are so many soldiers dying that they could have the attitude of just being like “this one guys life doesn’t matter, I don’t need to help him” but obviously he decided to help out. On the battlefield everyone is treated like family. Even if they are not friends, they would defend each other like brothers. So far, this book has displayed a lot of comradeship and showed us how important it is during battle.

Metacognition: I’m honestly pretty surprised that I was able to write this over the course ove like an hour and a half. When I think of literary analysisis I always think of them being really long and hard to write. Also most of the literary analysis we have written are normally about things bigger than one chapter in the book. Because of that in the beginning I was wondering how I was going to be able to write all of this only about one chapter. But, me and my group worked hard together and got it all done. 



     Decisions are a very hard thing to make, especially as a very indecisive person. When there came up with a big conflict the same night as a show I really wanted to do, it made a very hard decision for me. I love to do shows at CYT and this show was one I really wanted to do because one of my favorite director was doing this one. My mom and I were looking at the calendar to see if I have any conflicts for this show. Sure enough the same nights of the show are the nights that I am in Washington D.C. for the 7th grade trip. The trip is “mandatory” but I knew that if I wanted to they can’t really make me go. I was also really excited to do this show because I hadn’t done the last one so I hadn’t done one in a long time and made me want to do this show even more. On the one hand I could do a great show with one of my favorite directors and see some of my best friends who I haven’t seen in a while... or I could go on a trip with my classmates I see everyday not knowing if it will even be a fun trip. These were the thoughts going through my head. More thoughts came into my head everyday like people at the mall during Christmas time. Eventually I ended up choosing to go to Washington D.C. Being indecisive is a terrible thing that I face daily; therefore you would think that I would have found a way to deal with it; however I haven’t found a solution yet; furthermore it would be great if I wasn’t indecisive. The amount of times that I would have made a decision and then second guessed myself and picked the other one was to many to count. Even though this situation didn’t make decision making any better, it still was a time I can always looks back on as a hard decision that I had to make.