Tom Sawyer Essay

Tom Sawyer Literary Reflection

Problem Solving


”Problems are meant to be solved, but unfortunately, a lot of people choose to complain, worry, and cry about them.”

-Edmond Mbiaka

-Denny Morgan

     The first step you take is always the hardest, but you can learn to do it well. The book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is written very differently than the way we speak now. It was a challenge to understand what was going on in this story, but once I understood what was happening, I started to enjoy some parts of the story. Mark Twain wrote this book, not just for the entertainment of children, but also to remind adults of how they used to be. In the preface of the book he makes sure to tell us this.

Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, for part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked... [The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, Preface] 

It is obvious that he intentionally uses things like apostrophes to show how the kids would actually talk back then, which also makes it more of a challenge as a reader living in the modern day.


     The book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, takes place in the 1820s and tells the story of a young boy name Tom Sawyer. Tom is a very adventurous boy who is always on some new journey. In the story he befriends Huckleberry Finn, who is another boy around his age but doesn’t have parents, so he can do basically whatever he wants. This is very different from Tom because, even though he wishes he could live like Huck, To, still has to have a home life, go to school, and go to church. As one might expect, with a kid always going on new adventures it is likely that some of them will end up getting him in some sort of trouble and just that happens. Whether it be, Tom goes missing in a cave, or just getting into trouble, he is always up to something new. Huck and Tom never fail to get into a situation where they are challenged to get out of it. In this moment in the book Huck and Tom are hiding in the second floor of a haunted house, with Injun Joe and his partner in crime below them. The two criminals fall asleep and Tom thinks it’s the right time to make a run for it.

Tom urged—Huck held back. At last Tom rose slowly and softly, and started alone. But the first step he made wrung such a hideous creak from the crazy floor that he sank down almost dead with fright. He never made a second attempt. [Chapter 26]

In this moment Tom is challenged to find a solution but his plan fails, so he has to just keep hiding until they leave. 

     Everything comes with challenges, it’s knowing how to solve them that is a skill. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, made me need to focus hard on what I’m reading to be able to understand the themes and what is going on in the story. The book, The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, is written in a very different way than how we speak now so it challenged me to be able to understand what is going on. Having to highlight themes and vocabulary made me have to stay attentive and focus on what I was reading. As soon as I opened the book I knew that it would be a struggle to read it. There were many words and phrases I had never heard before. I soon figured out strategies to stay focused and understand what is happening. Reading the book along with the audiobook helped me stay on track and it helped me understand certain words by hearing them instead of just seeing them. Once I was able to develop strategies I was able to get the story of the book. Liking the book though, was a different story. It took me probably until the 20th chapter to start to semi like the book. It varied throughout the story whether or not I enjoyed it. Reading this book thought me a lot about what life was like a LONG time ago. I don’t relate to the theme of Tom being super adventurous, but I definitely relate to superstition and imagination. As a kid I was always playing pretend with my friends just like Tom Sawyer. I also live by superstition. I am always quoting different superstitions in different moments. When we started this book I did not want anything to do with this hard challenging book. Once I got reading though, I got into the flow and overcame the challenge.

     Reading this book forced me to think harder, use my resources, and stay focused throughout the book. Tom also has to do these types of things when he gets into a pickle. Tom is much better at doing this, but I still try and for the most of the book I succeeded.