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January 2019

Literary reflection #2


Sometimes you start things, try to give it a chance, and then realize you don't want to do it anymore but it is to late to turn back. In class we have to read a book and after reading about 10 chapters into the book i realized that i wish I had chosen something different, but it was way to late to turn back. I chose this book because I had performed the play before and I thought that it would be interesting to read. Turns out that the play is a much more shortened down version so it stay interesting and the book is just very hard to understand and isn’t very interesting. I chose this book because in the play it seemed to stay interesting, and the play wasn’t to long, so I assumed that the book wouldn’t be very long either. I was wrong. The book is very very long and doesn’t keep me interested. But also it is to late into the month for me to turn back. I wish that I had switched the book earlier in the month because it would have been much better for me. Since I am so far behind I know that Im going to have to read more than normal; therefore i cant spend as much time doing thing like playing fortnite or watching youtube; furthermore I wont enjoy that because I would rather spend my time doing those things and not reading; however I will do what I have to do. As much as this hasn’t been a very fun assignment for me, it definitely has taught me a lot.

The art of laziness

90301201-91EF-46FA-9E20-F7D03F1A9B07“when i have breaks i choose to be lazy”

-Denny Morgan


When people are on a break, some people choose to use this time to be productive or to do some fun activities. Me, on the other hand, i choose to spend it a different way. I choose to not spend it in any way... if that makes sense. I spend it by sitting. Not moving. During that time to stay entertained, I am either watching Youtube, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, playing Fortnite, listening to music, or all of them at the same if you saw the title of this, you are probably wondering, why is this an art? Well... thanks for asking. To be able to e completely lazy, you must be able to just not care. If you are worrying about homework, or about how you look, or about being healthy and getting exercise. If you are someone who is constantly thinking like that, then being lazy is something that you just cant do. When being lazy your mind has to be completely clear and careless.


A poem to my best friends


Dear altoids,

Everything about you

The way you dissolve so perfectly, 

The metal packaging,

The satisfying closing of your container,

The way you taste,

The way you smell,

The way you make me smell,

The paper inside the container,

All your shapes and sizes,

All your flavors,

Are perfect.