Candles iambic trimeter
Chapter four group literary analysis



     Decisions are a very hard thing to make, especially as a very indecisive person. When there came up with a big conflict the same night as a show I really wanted to do, it made a very hard decision for me. I love to do shows at CYT and this show was one I really wanted to do because one of my favorite director was doing this one. My mom and I were looking at the calendar to see if I have any conflicts for this show. Sure enough the same nights of the show are the nights that I am in Washington D.C. for the 7th grade trip. The trip is “mandatory” but I knew that if I wanted to they can’t really make me go. I was also really excited to do this show because I hadn’t done the last one so I hadn’t done one in a long time and made me want to do this show even more. On the one hand I could do a great show with one of my favorite directors and see some of my best friends who I haven’t seen in a while... or I could go on a trip with my classmates I see everyday not knowing if it will even be a fun trip. These were the thoughts going through my head. More thoughts came into my head everyday like people at the mall during Christmas time. Eventually I ended up choosing to go to Washington D.C. Being indecisive is a terrible thing that I face daily; therefore you would think that I would have found a way to deal with it; however I haven’t found a solution yet; furthermore it would be great if I wasn’t indecisive. The amount of times that I would have made a decision and then second guessed myself and picked the other one was to many to count. Even though this situation didn’t make decision making any better, it still was a time I can always looks back on as a hard decision that I had to make.