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     Decisions are a very hard thing to make, especially as a very indecisive person. When there came up with a big conflict the same night as a show I really wanted to do, it made a very hard decision for me. I love to do shows at CYT and this show was one I really wanted to do because one of my favorite director was doing this one. My mom and I were looking at the calendar to see if I have any conflicts for this show. Sure enough the same nights of the show are the nights that I am in Washington D.C. for the 7th grade trip. The trip is “mandatory” but I knew that if I wanted to they can’t really make me go. I was also really excited to do this show because I hadn’t done the last one so I hadn’t done one in a long time and made me want to do this show even more. On the one hand I could do a great show with one of my favorite directors and see some of my best friends who I haven’t seen in a while... or I could go on a trip with my classmates I see everyday not knowing if it will even be a fun trip. These were the thoughts going through my head. More thoughts came into my head everyday like people at the mall during Christmas time. Eventually I ended up choosing to go to Washington D.C. Being indecisive is a terrible thing that I face daily; therefore you would think that I would have found a way to deal with it; however I haven’t found a solution yet; furthermore it would be great if I wasn’t indecisive. The amount of times that I would have made a decision and then second guessed myself and picked the other one was to many to count. Even though this situation didn’t make decision making any better, it still was a time I can always looks back on as a hard decision that I had to make.

Candles iambic trimeter


The great scent fills the room (a)

It doesn't feel like doom (a)

it isn’t a bad fume (a)

It wont go in a tomb (a)


It gives off a bright light (b)

You light them up at night (b)

Some of them can be white (b)

They are so very bright (b)


They give off a good smell (c)

Like their casting a spell (c)

It doesn’t feel like hell (c)

It’s not something to dwell (c)


They can have a good look (d)

You stack it on a book (d)

Or put it in a nook (d)

You can’t use them to cook (d)


Metacognition: The theme of this poem is joy. Candles are something that can bring me so much joy. All the different smells and looks they have are something that keeps me captivated. Whenever I go into a store I have so much fun just going through all of the candles and smelling them. I have a large collection of them in my room so whenever I'm feeling a certain smell, I can light that one. That is why candles where something that I was able to write an entire poem about them.

Chapstick iambic poem


It glides across (a)

My dry  chapped lips (b)

They are the boss (a)

I want some chips (b)


It makes them wet (c)

In a good way (d)

Im soon in debt (c)

It’s fun to play (d)


Metacognition: The theme of this poem is love chapstick is something that I'm obsessed with. It not only is a helpful tool it also can taste good, look good, and feel good. That made me be able to write well about this amazing device. The part about soon being in debt is because i am CONSTANTLY buying new kinds of chapstick. If I see one that looks good and I’ve never tried it before, you best believe I’m going to buy it.

Summer iambic poem


The sun  above (a)

Makes warmth  on us (b)

A sense  i love (a)

Riding the bus (b)


It has  just switched (c)

From cold to hot (d)

The Snow has Ditched(c)

I want a yacht (d)


Metacognition: The theme of this poem is change. I wrote about the changes that happen from winter to summer and how they affect me. I love summer so much so when the last bit of snow finally melts at makes me ecstatic. That’s why it was somewhat easy to write about this topic because I was just able to recreate real emotions.