Chapter four group literary analysis
Chapter 6 literary reflection paragraph

Chapter 3 socratic seminar


    I think that something good to talk about in class could be the food. One of the topics in this chapter was the bad food and this guy knew where to get the good food. This could be something good to talk about because even though it’s expensive and there are so many people, there has to be some way to get everyone better food. I don't know what it was like back when this book was written but right now Germany’s budget for the military is $49 billion. That’s a lot of money. That makes me think that even back then they should have enough money to take a little bit of it out for better food. These people are working so hard and risking their lives and they should have some better food to make it at least a little more pleasant. Also, so many of these people were forced into it. They had to leave their homes, their families, and good food. If you are going to force people into the military the LEAST you could do is to give them some good food to maybe make their time more pleasant.