Chapter 8 partner literary analysis

Chapter 8 Metacognition

     The main theme in this chapter is probably “the horrors of modern war”. Most of the chapter is about the Russians war prisoners that Paul watches. They are all extremely malnourished and not treated well at all. The Germans will trade very little of their food for boots and good that the Russians have. If the Russians don’t agree the Germans will just slowly smell the bread and food and eat it until the Russians finally cant take it anymore and they do the trade. They are all miserable and hungry and the Germans just make it worse. Even the Germans don’t get much food. They obviously get a lot more food than the Russians but when they get food it’s both not a lot and not very good. Even though the Russians are prisoners it’s not excuse to treat them like they are not humans. I feel they should get more food and nutrients because in the chapter it literally talks about how every day Paul sees one or two of the Russians being buried. In this war there are so many terrible things going on I wouldn’t even be able to imagine seeing all of those things with my own eyes.