Chapter 6 literary reflection paragraph
Chapter 8 Metacognition




“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heat, true friends never part” -unknown

     Small things cant break big friendships. In my strongest friendship we fight and prank each other all the time, but that has never teared us down. When I’m hanging out with my friend Sophia, whether it is on FaceTime, at the bus circle before school, or I just invited myself into her house because I was bored, we will have miny bickers. Most of the time it’s just making jokes like “your the worst” or “i hate you”. Because we have such a strong friendship, we are able to make jokes like that without it ruining the friendship. We we’re just chilling on FaceTime and we were sharing little kid photos and no one was really talking anymore. So I got to thinking.... how can I have some fun and make it so it’s not silent anymore. Then I remembered that she is constantly prankimg me. So I decided I would get her back. I told her that i had a hilarious photo of her as a little kid that her mom gave me as a joke. I told her I was going to send it to her and then all of a sudden I said “oh my god oh my god, shoot, Sophia I’m so sorry... I accidentally just sent that photo school group 7 (the Fenn 8th grade group chat)”the conversation went on for a pretty long time but I told her that all the kids were starting to make fun of her and how sorry I was. I asked her multiple times what i could do to make it up. I was pretty convincing if I do say so myself. As soon as I realized that it probably had gone on for to long I yelled “YOU JUST GOT PRANKED”. I know that if a friendship wasn’t very strong, that could have ended it. If it was a new friend I had just recently met, I wouldn’t of had enough time to feel out if they can take jokes. Since me and her are so close, I know that she can take jokes like that and that by me doing that i won’t lose her trust, or her friendship. Having a strong friendship doesn’t just mean having someone you can trust with telling everything, it means you can joke around and bicker without the fear of it ruining the friendship.