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Final chapters Metacognition

After the completion of chapter 11 and 12 I was left being forced to think. What my brain went to was whether or not it was a good ending or not. I feel like there are a few things that make the ending really good and a few that don’t make it so bad. I’m kind of conflicted on how I feel about the ending. The fact that all of Paul’s friends and Paul died really expresses how bad WWI actually was. But on the other hand I feel like it would have been a better ending if maybe Paul survived but all of his friends didn’t. Obviously the author had a reason to make the ending so dark and poignant. My guess would be that he did that because if everyone survived then it would have given the reader a wrong idea about World War I. It would put the idea in the readers mind that not many people died in the war and it really wasn’t that tragic.

Free write


I don’t like the bus

It’s way to early for me

Please get me off it


On the bus I write

I don’t enjoy to do that

Can someone help me


Getting off the bus

It really does feels so great

But then I have school