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The Importance of Music in my life

    The Wonderful Tool Of Music


How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” ― Jane Swan


     Music has guided me to find peace within, and find a way to change my attitude. I have turned to it whenever I have needed to free my mind of the roadblocks. Music is tool that allows you to change your mindset, transform your current emotions, and even trick your mind and body to focus.  It can even help to get your blood pumping fast throughout your body. Music has allowed for me to change my mindset when nothing else worked. All with the click of a button or strum of a cord, music can shift my emotions to focus on what is important. The importance of music during my life has been evident on many levels. Music has freed my mind of the stress and helps to set a better tone. If I have work due I will mostly listen to lo fi beats to focus on my work; however, I will listen to rap when I’m warming up for a game. Music is also a tool to transform your mood and end the roadblocks. Whether it is stress or inability to focus, a change of sound can help to prevent the roadblocks; In my life it has helped me countless times and and I know I can rely on it in the future. It doesn’t matter where or when music surrounds everyone. Whenever we speak we produce music, music is a tool to express emotions. Music is emotions, just expressed in a lovely melody. Throughout my life, it has been important in dealing with stress because music allows you to rethink and reflect. Doing so has helped me many times overcome my stress and finish a assignment because I release the emotions that are embedded in all music. Music is a melody of emotions strung together by its listeners, and those emotions will offer the possibility of changing yours. I have used the wonderful offer of music to confront my fears and problems. Music allows me to reflect and alter my attitude, and ultimately to listen, learn, and discover its importance in my life.