Tom Sawyer

             Parker Nagtegaal 

    Fenn school, 8th grade

                            Reflection On Tom Sawyer 



                            Tom The Life Of A Boy


Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life
                                                 -Mark Twain



Being mischievous, exploring, discovery, as a kid I can say I like doing all of these things, so does Tom Sawyer. In The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Tom is a mischievous and relatable boy. He just wants to explore and have fun, but this sometimes gets him into trouble. Toms character was developed throughout the book and I ended up caring for him. Tom is Mischievous and just loves to do things he’s not aloud to. In one chapter Tom joins a group and is banned from drinking alcohol, smoking, and swearing. “that to promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.”-Tom Sawyer. Eventually he leaves this group and no longer feels the want to do these things. The author Mark Twain is trying to portry the life of a boy in The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.





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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Literary Analyses

Evan Lanzendorf and Parker Nagtegaal 

Tom Sawyer team Analysis

8th grade, Fitz English Fenn School, 10-19-18


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

An Analysis of the themes of mischief


Vanity working on weak head, produces every sort of mischief

Jane Austen


        Children are mischievous, it’s a fact supported by media, literature and society. The book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, clearly shows that when the protagonist Tom gets bored he get into mischief, and he gets bored a lot. Throughout the story Tom uses his guile and cunning to fool his peers, and family to do things for him. He also uses techniques of violence to achieve the goals of his mischievous escapades. 

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer





      “A classic is a book everyone know but no one read”- Mark Twain


        So far the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been pretty good. The language is a bit confusing but I’m getting used to it. Tom at some times is a extremely relatable character. So far I’ve learned that Tom is mischievous, sly, and a average boy. He is mischievous, when his aunt wants him to paint a fence he tricks multiple people into painting the fence for him. He does this by making the kids think that painting the fence is a privilege and not a chore. That it is something fun and that only very skilled people can do it. The best part about it is Tom makes the kids give him stuff for painting the fence. So not only does he get out of his chore he gets stuff for it. He also hates going to church, he finds it extremely boring. At his church he “accidentally” released a “pincher beetle”. This caused chaos when it bit a dog and the dog started going crazy. The poor dog who was in pain being bit was then thrown out the window. I found this seen absolutely ridiculous and funny. So far I have enjoyed this book. I hope that Tom continues his shenanigans.

My Dog Jack

my dog is an anchor  




Dogs, a mans best friend”-unknown



      A person with a dog is the equivalent to two people. Jack will always listen, he never talks back and says anything mean. Dogs will always comfort you. On nights when I have more homework then I know what to do with I sometimes need thirty minute breaks. When I leave my room and go to the door sure enough there my dog is. Waiting for me to open the door go outside and play with him. I open the door and before I can get out the door he sprints in front of me excited to play. On the porch he waits at the edge of the stair in to the yard. I take five steps toward him. As soon as I’m next to him he sprints in to the yard and starts running circles around the house. I chase after him as the sun is starting to set. We run around until he stops turns around and as I’m sprinting at him. He makes a quick dash to my right and continue to run in circles. This helps to calm me down. After about fifteen minutes of mindless running he stops walks up the steps where we started and gos to the door. I follow him, as I open the door, feed him, and give him water I say “that was fun wasn’t it buddy”. He’s give me a look that says he agrees. We are both very happy. After finishing my homework I came downstairs to find him on the couch. He starts wagging his tail. He is one of the only creatures I know in this world that every time I see him in almost all circumstances he will be happy to see me. Every time we run we get closer together. Being with Jack has always been a happy thing for me to do. And I know no matter what he will always be waiting for me to show up and say “hey buddy let’s go!”. He will always comf

Tom Sawyer and Me





         Enjoy Who You Are

      When Tom from Tom Sawyers Adventures by Mark Twain is staring at the boy who has better clothes and looks nicer he is jealous. We’ve all had jealousy in some way shape or form wether we like it or not. Sometimes it will be that someone is better looking or better dressed or has a better toy. You get the theme. We are never jealous of someone who has less than us. Why, because we are greedy and we always want more. But sometimes we just have to except who we are as people.

     When I was in sixth grade I was really jealous of kid actors. Why, well because I thought it would be so much fun to be apart of a cast with other kids. I know it sounds ridiculous but about once every year for a week I will get really jealous of someone who has more than me. Doesn’t feel great I’m sad for most of that week because I’m jealous. Because whenever anybody gets jealous of someone they are focused on that thing that the one person has that they don’t. But you need to remember that you are happy as you are and that you have a great life and if you work hard you will be happy.


     Never get to caught up in your jealousy, you are who you are and there’s not much you can do about who you are. So just be happy.

Hot Suace

Explosions Of Food




         “Variety’s the very spice of live that gives it all its flavor”
                            -William Cowper 






      Hot sauce, what would I do with out it. Food would never explode in my mouth like a pyromaniac was thrown inside My mouth and went insane. One might say I have a, addiction to hot sauce. This doesn’t always go in my favor.


       Sometimes I will bight off more then I can chew... or drink? In sixth grade I found Carolina reaper oil hot sauce, supposedly the Carolina reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. I took one teaspoon sized lick, and BOOM I was smack across the face with a spicy barrage of flavor. First delicious then it went bad. This was the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten. My mouth actually hurt, I drank milk but it only made it worse. Milk went into my nose, my nose was on fire, my mouth was on fire. I needed a fire extinguisher, but what? So I stuffed my face with ice cubes, and sat there for thirty minutes until the pain went away. Your would have thought I would have learned my lesson right, nope. I still do this on a monthly basis but I have no regrets.

      I love hot sauce and hopefully will always me able to stomait. Hot sauce to me is a metaphor for life hard stomach at time but if you look closely you will fin something amazing and flavorful.




My Windsor Trip

     The Kayak Attack





-a screaming Bode Rice



      I wake in the morning as enthusiastic as a dog with a bone. I’m singing like a song bird in the morning. Dancing around like a monkey. I think to my self as Im walking to the shower from my bed, today is the day the last overnight with the eighth grade starts. Were going to the supposedly beautiful camp site of Windsor mountain, we will be staying there for three days. This should be a fantastic bonding experience and a chance to use teamwork with the class of 2020. This is going to be the best school trip I ever have had and ever will have.


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I Love Windy Days


Moving With The Wind




-Sam the sailing instructor

        The windy weather is making swells and whitecaps in the outer harbor. The waves rock the boat ferociously back and forth as we get rolled. It my be cloudy and windy but its a great day to sail. Sailing is a hobby that I participate in during the summer. This year was my second year in A group (the oldest/most experienced group). After waiting for 7 years I finally got to race in a regatta against another yacht club. And I was also a sailing instructor.


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