Choices Paragraph

My Choices

Parker Nagtegaal

Choices define who you are

      We all make choices some are for the best others are for the worst. In third grade I had to make a choice that would decide my future. This choice was between a club soccer team or The Fenn School in Concord. Both of these choices would lead me to more opportunities in my life. Choosing Fenn would mean a better education, but I would also have to leave all my friends in Winchester and leave everything that was familiar behind; on the other hand if I chose the soccer team I would be closer with my Winchester friends and I would get better at soccer. It was about mid summer when I first got the news that I got on the Rush club soccer team. Then I got the news that I was accepted into the Fenn school. At first I wanted to go with my gut and join the soccer team. But my mom sat me down and told me how amazing it was that both of these opportunities had presented themselves to me and she said it’s up to you but she also told me about how amazing it was that I had gotten accepted to the Fenn class of 2020. Once I realized the advantages of going to Fenn I came to my senses and thought that this was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn it down. So as sad and scary it would be to go to a totally new and different community I knew that I had to go to Fenn. Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I had chosen the soccer team, My life would completely different, I would still play soccer and I would be at a different school entirely. It’s crazy that seemingly small decision would decided my future. Choices decide your life; choices decide how you live; choices are what make you, you.


Random Thoughts


Why do these have to rhyme a)

I would pay more then a dime (a)

To make not all of lines(a)

Rhyme I don’t know how I    (a)


Will do this for everyone (a)

I am not close to done(a)

Writing this is no fun(a)

I can not see the sun (a)


snow will be the next day  (a)

I do hope and I pray(a)

 if there was I would be gay (a)

If not I will be sad today (a)


This poem is not very good (a)

 it’s bad even though it should  (a)

Be better than this what would (a)

I would do something else if I could(a


This poem is extremely hard to write. I had to cut out words making some line makes no sense. I also couldn’t focus on one topic because you can only have so many things rhyme about one topic.Iambic

Parker’s Iambic Poems


I watch my dog

He runs he trots

He  jumps over a log

He is white with spots


 His name is jack

 His spots are dark

I pet his back

I tell him to not bark



I gaze out side 

At all the snow

 It falls and glides

It comes and goes


 But one things sad

 that’s that snow days

 have not been had 

My emotions are grey



Music Is Therapy

Music The Magic Therapy


music is medicine 

        Music can do so much more then you think it could. In a way music is a therapy, has made me happy, sad, mad, and so much more. Music is a therapy. If your sad listen to sad music to help. If your happy listen to happy music. It’s a way to put all your negative emotions away, or to make all your positive emotions be stronger. Music has helped me in so many ways. For example when I was nervous about applying to schools I listened to music which transported me to another world, I could focus. Also music helps me set a mood for the day in the morning. When I do homework I listen to music. When Im in the car I listen to music. When I go to sleep. When I’m sad, happy, or angry. When I’m stressed. I always listen to music no matter what I’m doing because music is an amazing thing that can make you mad, happy, sad. It can bring people together. At  awkward family gatherings what do you all have in common? You all like music. Music can make you feel love. Music can spread messages to people about  oppression, pain, love, excitement, wisdom, and peace.  If you right music it’s a way to express your own emotions and share them with the world. Music has given me more then I can ever give it back. It has comforted me and helped me through the hardest of times. Music is something magic it can heal people. It’s the best medicine you can ever get. Without music I would have gone crazy and ran away. With out music I would have gone insane. I would be a total jerk to everyone. But because of music I hace somewhere to express how I feel. It doesn’t get any better then music. Music is the most amazing and powerful thing that I know of. It will be that way my whole life. 

Why I Chose My WW Fenn Pieceq


WW Fenn



memorizing is more challenging then you would think

I choose to memorize The Love Song Of Alfred Prufrock, I choose my poem because it was complicated and seemed like a challenge that I could and will concur. I just hope that I didn’t bite of more than I can chew.  My poem has a lot of interesting and what seems like non sensical . But I think it’s like Huck Finn; once I have finished it I will feel accomplished and like I really did something that I would remember years from now.



Mount Snow

Parker Nagtegaal 


It’s about nine o’clock on Sunday January twentieth I’m in Vermont at Mount Snow. It snowed about ten inches the night before. The slopes are covered with fluffy snow. I make the trek upstairs from my room up to the kitchen where I find my dad. He tells me that they are go out on to the mountain in about ten minutes because they woke up late and weren’t able to get out for the first chair at eight o’clock. So I get out frozen Eggos throw them in the toaster and stuff them in my face. No time for maple syrup or butter. I go down stairs throw on my long socks and my shirt with a thin puffy coat. I race back up the stairs my dad and uncle are pretty much ready. I swiftly put on my snow pants and struggle to get on my ski boots. I put on my jacket and helmet and we get out of the door. We walk up to a little “secret” entrance on the mountain. I get out on the trail and I start going down and... I’m stuck. I landed in a untouched patch of snow that made me stop completely. I hike my way down to the chair lift where I reunite with my dad and uncle (who were already down there) and we get in line. We get on the chair and start going up. Once we get off the lift we immediately take a right to the trail. We go down a trail called mine shaft. (It’s a trail with a lot of jumps) so we start going down and I hit my first jump of the day. I go flying through the air I feel like the moment could last forever but then I slam back down on to the ground reminded that I cannot fly. We keep going aloung the trail and we get to a very steep part that leads to a flat point. Because of the thick snow we have to bomb down this hill. I decide to take off my googles so I can get the wind in my face. I race down and make it to the next trail where I get stuck (again) and I have to hike down (again). The snow was so thick that after only on run we all decide to go back to the house because we are all so tired. And while the thick snow was a fun challenge it would have been better without it.

Literary Reflection On Huck Finn

Anticipation While Reading

By Parker Nagtegaal 


         Anticipation can ruin an entire experience. When I read The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn I enjoy it. Mainly because at the current moment the book is very interesting, but because it’s so good in the back of my mind I’m always thinking that it will get very boring. Huck has been on an adventure from a very early point on in the book. So I’ve been eager to read the book every night. But because of this I’m thinking that for a classic this is to interesting, so I’m convinced that it will hit a down hill very soon. I’m reading this book because in Mr Fitzsimmons English class he wanted us to try reading a “Real Book”. By this he meant a classic. Everyone in my class has to read (multiple) classic books in a month. Everyone responded to this negatively, but as everyone started to read we realized that the books aren’t so bad. I started to read Huck Finn. The beginning was kinda boring but it started to pick up. But I can’t help but to think about how boring classics are supposed to be. I never thought that a classic could be interesting; I never thought that I would enjoy this book; I never thought that a classic wouldn’t be boring. This has lead me to (quite literally) judging a book by its cover

My Pets

I Love My Pets

Parker Nagtegaal 



Let’s get this out of the way, people don’t deserve the love that animals give them. At home I have a dog and two cats, most of the time there a lot of work. I have to wake up at six thirty on the weekends to feed Jack. I have to take him on walks. The cat liter needs to be changed frequently. Me and my family have to train them. We have to go out to the store to buy them food. But what we do for them is no match for what they do for us. Whenever I get home my dog (Jack) comes running to the door scratching the floors with his uncut nails. He looks up at me in such a way that makes me feel truly appreciated. He is the first family member I say hi to when I get home because he doesn’t wait for me to find him. He will let me pet him when I’m happy, sad, or angry. And while he benefits from my petting, I benefit ten times more because he loves me with out question. The cats fall asleep with me. They keep me warm. They trot around the house making it feel full of movement. I wish I could speak to them how much I appreciate them but all I can do is feed and pet them. If that’s the best I can do then I will do it.